Virgo Moon Sign Horoscope 2020

Virgo Moon Sign Horoscope 2020

The year 2020 looks promising for the Virgo Moon Signs.

It’s a great year for your finances and education. Along with that your growth in career also looks great.

This will also be the year where you’ll find yourself going deeper and searching for some higher purpose.

Some old resolved issues in family and relationships will be cleared if you work cautiously.

Health is the area where you need to take care.


This year will be pretty good for your finance sector.

Initial few months indicate new financial breakthroughs with an increase in your incomes in your salary or even through networking and benefits from the market share.

The time between March to May and November to December will be really good for the accumulation of wealth via different avenues. There’s a possibility of some family inheritance as well.

With an increase in revenue, there will be more expenses as well. Renovations at home, a new vehicle, overseas travel, etc.

Be careful of retrograde motion of Saturn and Jupiter between May - September and avoid any deal and investments during this time.


In the field of your career, this year asks you to be patient and humble throughout to avoid any unnecessary issues.

Your growth will be slow but the results will be all good and bright. There are even chances of promotion, salary hike, and even abroad travels.

Again during the retrograde season from May to September, avoid involving yourself in new business ventures or making any important decisions. Also if there is a plan of dropping and switching your current job, think and don’t make decisions in a hurry.

Also, there can be some misunderstanding in your workspace, both with your boss and colleagues. Be wary of them, and try not to get caught up in office politics, and maintain good relations with them. 


This year is really good for the students and their education.

Fortune and luck are by your side, and you’ll probably get good grades and results in whatever exams you perform. 

This year will assist you in achieving your goals and ambitions. So if you are thinking of preparing for competitive exams or applying for higher education abroad, go for it.

And if you are seeking a job, or preparing for competitive exams, do work on your part, and this year stars are by your side, so keep working and you will get desired results.


Your health can be a thing of concern for you this year.

You have to take care of yourself and also your family members. And it’s not just the physical health for you this year. You have to work on your mental and spiritual health as well. 

Those suffering from stress and anxiety are advised to take special care.

Love and Marriage Life

For those in a relationship, the initial few months seems problematic. You may have arguments, fights, disagreements, and disputes. And if not taken care of, can even lead to breakups.

But at the same time, it’s a good year to lay your foundations strong through mutual understanding, and giving each other equal importance, thus making your bond stronger than before.

Saturn and Jupiter’s retrograde between May and September can be a sensitive period, and it can be triggering. Be aware of it and try not to get affected.

And the later few months will be comparatively smooth, and would be great to spend some romantic and quality time with your partners. 

For those who are single, March, April, May is a great time for new romances. You might meet someone special that you have been searching for.

And those who already have someone might face trouble expressing themselves. Don’t worry and be patient. There are chances that you might enter into a new relationship. 

And finally, for those who are married, this year will be an average one. Your spouse may face some health issues. So take good care of them.

Also, there may arise some problems with your kids. They might act a little weird than usual during the middle of the year. Try to understand their causes and work on them.

Family Relations

This year your family relations seem a little disturbed.

You’ll find yourself avoiding much engagement with your family members. You’ll prefer living alone, and might be more inclined towards going inwards. 

Many old and family-related problems might resurface, thus you need to be careful, and try to avoid any sort of arguments.

It will be a good time to mend those unresolved issues. Also, property and inheritance related matters will also come to the surface, so try working on those in a peaceful and understanding way.

Major spiritual and religious events also may take place in your house. 

Other than that, there might occur some problems in your siblings’ life related to health or career. Take care of them.