Virgo Moon: A Perfectionist

Virgo Moon: A Perfectionist

They wish for a simple existence and keeping things organized gives them the most happiness. They don't like the spotlight and like to do work without bragging about it.


The position of Moon at the time of your birth decides whether it will be a moon sign or not. If the moon is in Virgo at the time of the birth, it makes a person a Virgo Moon Sign or a Moon in Virgo sign. This has a lot of influence on a person’s life and personality.


Moon is said to guide a person’s instinct and emotional side. Virgo Moon is said to be the same as structure and system. A person with a Virgo Moon likes everything to be organized and is very detail-oriented.


They don’t like to stay in chaos and want everything to be in order. They like keeping their environment clean and clutter-free. Working in such a surrounding makes them function at their best. Being an Earth sign, you have attachments to tangible things in your life.


Virgo moon is a capricious sign so they seek some diversity in their life. They don’t mind some changes in their daily life. Combining the practicality that they possess with their expectations for change, we get a perfectionist.


They are ready to make changes as long as they don’t get the perfect outcome. A Virgo Moon is the embodiment of elegance. They like everything around them to be refined; in fact, they keep fine-tuning their own behavior, status and everything associated with them.


They always find room for improvement and believe that there is always scope for altering things. They have great observation skills and their rationality helps them with this. The trait of checking every detail sometimes annoys people around them as they feel that Virgo Moon is always finding faults.


Cleaning a bookshelf or organizing their wardrobe gives them the most satisfaction, paying their bills on time also gives them a sense of achievement. They like to follow their daily routine and don’t like any changes in that.


They will be the first to notice a change in a routine and be quite vocal about their feelings on it. They don’t do well with any kind of delays or sudden detours. However they are very reliable and people go to them with their troubles.


Virgo moons are quite a problem solver and come up with really good and practical solutions for any kind of difficulty. People around them understand that they thrive on appreciation and that’s all they need to do to get some work done from Virgo Moons.


Virgo Moon is associated with the 6th house means service and whenever the moon is positioned in Virgo, they perform on their very best especially when it comes to helping others. They like being wanted and will be the first one to come forward and help someone who needs it.


Leos might mistake you as underdogs because they are very gregarious, but only a few are able to understand things at the same level as you. They are very content, they don’t desire anything more than what they already have.


Virgo Moons find pleasure in the little things of life and are quite down to earth. They are happy and satisfied with what they have achieved. Unlike Leos they don’t want to stay in the limelight constantly, they believe in doing things silently and don’t feel the need to brag about it.


They are so used to their routine that if for any reason they are unable to follow it, they get very tensed which leads to a jumpy temper and it also makes them very fidgety. They are so involved in the small things that they miss out on the bigger picture.


When it comes to love, they are practical lovers. They won’t go big on cheesy gestures but express their love quite rationally. They like to keep their relationship private and are not very comfortable sharing each and every detail about it.


Virgo Moons are introverts and don’t easily open up to people, they take their time. People around them need to earn their trust to get to know the real Virgo Moon. In spite of being a shy person, they make great friends.


They are the best people to confide in, you can trust them blindly. They also give the practical advice and don’t let their emotions cloud their judgment. Though sometimes they tend to get over critical, they have a practical approach even for matters of the heart. This doesn’t always end well for them.


They introspect and are quite self critical but don’t do good when others offer them some critique. They like to have everything under control. But sometimes they get too hard on themselves; they need to understand that what they have done is enough. They often fret over the thought if they have done enough, so they should make efforts to recognize themselves.


A Virgo Moon’s digestive and nervous systems are quite fragile, so they need to take extra care of their body. They often have issues with their stomach, and their OCD doesn’t really help with this. Whenever there is a slight change in their routine, they start worrying so much that it hampers their health.


The intake of clean and healthy food is very important for them. Junk food is a strict no-no for them; they really need to pay extra attention to their body. Having a clean balanced diet, working out regularly can really work wonders for them.