Virgo Male: A Perfect Guy

Virgo Male: A Perfect Guy

Earth Signs ruled by the planet Mercury, Virgo males are intelligent, hardworking, perfectionists, and compassionate.

They come across as shy and sensitive, but at the same time, they are very clever and ambitious. They are extremely efficient and methodical and perform very well in their work life.

Virgo males are modest and pure souls who are great lovers, fathers and friends and are there for their loved ones in health and sickness.

Low-key and reserved, they do a lot of good deeds working behind the scenes, and it’s really fun to be around these individuals. 

Positive Traits


Consistent and Punctual, once they step into a the project, they will put all their time and sweat in order to achieve desired results.

They love new tasks and work, as they love to keep themselves busy, and this way they get to put their problem solving and the critical and analyzing approach of work to use.

Virgo men have a great sense of work ethics and are loved in their office environment by everyone.

Even in their relationships, they will put all efforts, whatever that’s needed to make it better, once they decide to commit to it fully.


The ultimate goal of a Virgo Man is to achieve perfection in everything they put their hands into. Perfection is what they inherently strive for.

They have a knack of paying attention to the minutest of the details, and at the same time have the ability to see the broader picture as well thus helping them make important decisions in work and in general. 

The desire for perfection comes very naturally to them, hence he’s one of the most trusted and reliable one’s among his colleagues and loved ones.

They like to manage every aspect of their life, be it career, money, love and family life, etc, they will try their best in everything with full determination and loyalty. Sometimes they can get really exhausted while pursuing perfection in everything. 


Virgo males are intelligent and intellectual individuals. They have excellent memories and would be able to remember the slightest detail of an event that occurred many years back.

They are always curious and open and eager to learn something new to expand their knowledge. They are also quick learners. 

As they are ruled by mercury, they are good communicators and have a good sense of speech and writing. They often pursue jobs in the field of writing, research, journalism, etc.


Kind and passionate, a Virgo Man feels a deep sense of duty towards the good of everybody. That includes family, friends, colleagues, and the entire community.

Virgo men are compassionate and empathetic, and genuinely desire to be of service. It could be as simple as keeping their colleagues happy, to getting involved in charitable and philanthropic work.

They will excel in the field of healing arts, teaching, research, or any artistic and creative field.

Negative Traits


Virgo men can be conservative and stubborn sometimes. Their desire for perfection somehow makes them obsessive and compulsive.

Their plans and schedules are very planned and strict, and these men are not good with adapting and would refuse to consider any changes and points of view of others.

It then becomes hard on the people around him to cope up with such stubbornness.

They need to learn to be flexible and be open to changes and suggestions. 

Too Hard on Themselves

They often become really hard on themselves as they desire to be in control of everything. They like to play the perfect mastermind in all their endeavors.

Their strive for perfection leaves them very drained and exhausted. 

They need to understand that not everything is under their control. The world is constantly changing, and they have to take care of themselves so that you can keep up with the ever-changing surroundings. 


Well, these Virgo Man are a perfect guy one looks for to settle down. It seems like they have everything sorted, and are flowing easily with life.

From work to their finance, they have perfectly figured all that out and are perfect marriage material boys. 

Virgo men are all-rounder and all their loved one enjoys being around this guy.