Virgo Female: Perfect Balance of Masculine and Feminine

Virgo Female: Perfect Balance of Masculine and Feminine

Virgo’s are Earth signs ruled by Mercury. They are known for their practical and methodical approach towards life.


Shy and quiet on the surface, Virgo females are ambitious and serious workaholics who secretly and without any pomp and show, work tirelessly to achieve their dreams and goals.


At the same time, these are one of the most caring signs, with deep emotions and desire to serve humanity.


Although a little conservative, Virgo females are very strong individuals, and possess a balanced mix of masculine and feminine energies inside of them, thus making them perfect and whole.


Positive Traits:-


Virgo Women love organizing and planning. You can find her making her calendar for the coming next month with all tiny details included.


They are loved by their coworkers for having every document and file well organized and handy. People often go to them if any problem arises, as they are aware of the minute details of every project they put their hands on and can come up with quick solutions.


Even at home, they like to keep all their stuff very neat and organized. Bookshelf properly arranged according to genres, kitchen utensils kept nicely, wardrobe clean and aligned, and most probably a to-do list on their fridge.



Being highly dedicated and detail-oriented, these women strive for perfection. Even if there are multiple projects that she has to handle, she would put all her heart and soul to each one of them to get the desired result.


The desire for perfection comes very naturally to them, hence she’s one of the most trusted and reliable one’s among her colleagues and loved ones.


They like to manage every aspect of their life, be it career, money, love and family life, etc, they will try their best in everything with full determination and loyalty. Sometimes they can get really exhausted while pursuing perfection in everything.



Their seriousness, dedication, and practical approach to life make them highly responsible. Responsibility comes naturally to them and it seems like they were born with it.


They make sure that they have stable and secure foundations in life and work really hard to achieve them.


They become independent and self-sufficient at a very young age, and are an inspiration to friends and colleagues to move forward in their lives.


She must be the darling one in her family who never really caused any problems for them.



Virgo women are wise and old souls. They are passionately intellectual and deeply creative, with an inclination towards spiritual knowledge as well.


They are always curious and open and eager to learn something new to expand their knowledge. They are also quick learners. 


With a high level of intellect, they are also very intuitive. They can easily read people and it’s difficult to bluff or lie to her, as she’ll catch you quite soon.


As they are ruled by mercury, they are good communicators and have a good sense of speech and writing. They often pursue jobs in the field of writing, research, journalism, etc.

Negative Traits

Too Serious

They can get too serious in their life. Striving for perfection in every field hardly gives them space and time to relax and have fun.


Too much attention to detail and critical opinions isn’t that important every time. They need to learn to take things lightly.



Virgo females are a little conservative and traditional. It becomes difficult for them to adapt to new changes in the surrounding.


They can also be too opinionated, critical and even judgemental at times, and tend to refuse to the settings that don't suit her comfort.


Also shy and reserved, it takes really long for them to get comfortable with new environments and people.



Virgo women are a perfect blend of beauty with brains. They project strong and ambitious masculine energy, and on the other hand, are shy, reserved, and conservative, radiating receptive feminine energies.


To find the balance of masculine and feminine energies within themselves is a lifelong process to master, but for these women, with a little effort, they can find that within themselves, which helps them sail through life with ease and grace. 


Overall it’s really lucky and grateful to have a woman like in one's life as it motivates and inspires them to try their best to achieve their dreams and goals.