Virgo And Cancer Compatibility

Virgo And Cancer Compatibility

The Virgo and Cancer compatibility comes naturally. Both are homebodies, and a combination of water and earth elements which has a robust capacity to prosper in the long run once they manage to make the initially required adjustments for any relationship.

The Child of Moon: Cancer

Cancer has the astrological symbol of the cardinal water sign; they tend to be protective and deeply vulnerable to their space. The ruling planet of Cancer is the Moon, who is cosy and unstable, and similar are they.

The feelings of a Cancerian tug at them like a tide and at fixed periods; they must withdraw from them to be themselves, to reconnect to their depths, and to take care of their emotional needs. People may call them manipulative or moody, but they cannot help themselves.

They are subjected to the waves of their emotions, which usually rise from their unsettled childhood memories, which are practically not logically responsive. For a successful relationship, they must feel comfortable to be truly themselves.

The Perfect Service: Virgo

The mutable sign Virgo is adaptable and has the element of earth, who have specific physical needs. Virgo people are very delicate to body stimulants and are often obsessed with taking care and maintaining their physical needs. 

The diet and fitness regimen of a Virgo can be rigid as they are careful to the peak. They require an orderly environment to soothe their nerves that are jangled due to the effect of the outside world.

For Virgos, life is hard, and their physiology repeatedly directs their attention inwards. Their goal is ultimate perfection- in themselves, their work, and everything that exists in their sphere. 

Virgo and Cancer Compatibility: Shared Values

The combination of Earth with water sign gets along exceptionally well, in general. These two are defensive of their private space and are visibly introvert homebodies.

They don't share any great romance. Drama is clearly absent, but emotions remain to be healthy. 

Virgo and Cancer compatibility in terms of sex is like more of vanilla than the espresso flake, which also has some fireworks. Combine all this with a robust mutual proficiency to commit and devote, and you will know their exact bonding. 

Careful Parents

The duo of Virgo and Cancer makes excellent and caring parents. The protective instincts of Cancer and potential to provide emotional consolation and nourishment combined with the understanding, meticulous attention, and sensitivity by Virgo fulfils the needs of children. 

The Presence of Devil in the Details of Virgo and Cancer Compatibility

As usual, obstacles are always there that need to be overcome, lessons that need to be learnt, and adjustments that need to be made. Cancer folks can be excessively sensitive, inferring constructive criticism to be a vicious one, uncalled, and personal attack.

The difficulty is that Virgo can behave like a deaf about emotions if they desire to do so. They are often too focused on minute details of the discussion, lining up logics and facts to finally end up in denying Cancer's emotional insistence, which doesn't even make sense to them. 

The Virgo might not even note that the Cancer is triggered till the time the later withdraws to make the disappointment evident and the chance to connect gets shut behind the door that is now closed. It can lead to some severe problems between the two if not settled in time.

Other Influences on the Virgo and Cancer Compatibility

There are numerous factors that exist in the graphs of the Cancer-Virgo mates, but these factors, most of the time, remain undiscussed. Some of these are the Moon sign, Mars and Venus, and other planetaries in aspect. 

The way in which the chart of each person interacts with other charts is also a significant factor. Hence, even the Sun sign alone, which is the dominant of all, cannot reveal the entire picture.

When there is the involvement of some incompatible factors, in that case paying a visit to some qualified and professional astrologer can be helpful. They can help you out with synastry readings that help to tear out the incompatible influences and eventually help you to develop mutual trust and support.

Virgo and Cancer Compatibility: Blossoming of Love 

When the Virgo learns the art of carefully choosing kindness over the correctness, and the Cancer starts to feel secure enough that they relax their imprinted defences and expose their authentic vulnerability; nothing can stop the love that exists between these two from blooming beautifully. In Virgo and Cancer Compatibility, their love is the real gem of their hearts, that is cared for and cherished by both.