Viewing Success and Failure Through the Spiritual Lens

Success and failure are parts and parcels of one’s life. No human on earth has been blessed with such superpowers that they never fail in life. Success is a term which we often hear but are always anxious about if it will greet us or not. Success is desired by everyone and anyone. It is the sole means by which you acquire stability. Success helps you climb the stairs to the top of the career ladder and rise over those who can’t make it. However, it is our intellect that has persuaded us that only success is good but failure is bad.

We have always measured success according to our abilities. This makes us groom our capabilities in the best of ways until the fruits are achieved. But, is this what happens in reality? Is the hard work and effort we put in the only cause for us to be where we are and achieve what we do?

When we fail some where we often tend to mourn the loss and sink into a hole of depression instead of taking it as a learning experience. On the other hand, succeeding makes us stand on a pedestal feeling overwhelmed with ourselves, full of pride, thinking we have finally found the key to the door. In both these situations, what we do is suffer severe reactions which in turn stunts our growth.  


What happens when we fail or succeed? 

When we succeed, the first reaction is of joy and happiness. Oh, how happy we feel, all our efforts have finally paid off. Those long hours, the stressful nights, the struggles and obstacles, everything was worth it. We pat ourselves on the back and say we did it.

But, when we fail, we punch our fists in the air, cry, and blame God, destiny, and our luck being the reason. This is because we somehow become biased on identifying the doer of such actions and fail to investigate who the real culprit truly is.

By about such actions, not only do we spoil our connections with the divine but also with our route to success in life. Because, in reality, what truly is success to you? Does our definition of success coincide with each other or is it blatantly different? Therefore, success is purely subjective and so is our attitude towards greeting failure. 


How success and failure linked to our spirituality: 

Believe it or not, when it comes to the question of success and failure, karma plays a big role purely because the success or failure we attain in life is sole because of our past deeds. Good deeds result in easily achievable success with minimum efforts while bad deeds bring forward pools of failure no matter how much the effort. Thus, why should we blame God when we fail? We are solely responsible for our future and it is all embedded within us as our lives have been carved outright from the day we were born.  

Both success and failure do not last forever. Thus, we should not get disheartened if failure greets us as it is just temporary.  

Though both success and failure are temporary, they teach us great values that we must make use of. Success teaches us how to work hard, how hard work will give us its fruits, and how to always have a positive approach towards life. On the other hand, failure teaches us even if the fruit is raw, it has the power to ripe with strength, determination, and not giving up. Failure is a natural motivator and can push us towards achieving the realms of success.  

At the same time, success also teaches us not to become too overconfident of our victory which ultimately leads us to not working hard anymore and slowly sinking back to square one.  

Both success and failure have immense knowledge within themselves and the best we can do is view them through a spiritual lens. It is then that we see the true essence of the two values, what it is, and what we can take away from them, helping us grow and develop as human beings. Viewing these values through the lens of spirituality will help us attain peace with ourselves, work harder, and finally be truly happy in life. That’s all we want, don’t we? 



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