Viewing Life Through the Spiritual Lens- Tips to Gain a Spiritual Outlook Towards Life

Viewing Life Through the Spiritual Lens- Tips to Gain a Spiritual Outlook Towards Life

When we come across the term spiritual or spirituality, our mind instantly wanders off to something that is beyond ourselves. Something that we cannot see, cannot touch but can feel its presence all around us. Broadly defined, spirituality is the connection or the feeling of connection to a thing or substance that exists in the divine, much superior to our beings. Life is one of the core concerns of spirituality. Everyone wants to decipher the meaning of life at one point or the other. They always search for the sense of peace experienced through the spiritual lens, on a universal level.

Wandering about the true essence of our existence is common to us all, at some point in time when we go through the ups and downs of life. One thing, however, that always stays constant within all of us is the goal to find inner peace and tranquility in our lives. Most of us then turn to the ideas of spirituality to achieve this. While some people turn to religion, others turn to yoga and meditation, all keeping the one common goal in mind. 

The idea of spirituality varies from person to person and from religion to religion. However, looking at the broader sense of the term, we can relate it to finding the purpose and meaning to our lives and existence. But, one must not mistake religion with spirituality. Both may have a few similar ideas and overlap at times, but they are two distinct thoughts different from one another. Spirituality encompasses a wider understanding of one’s connection with the much wider and transcendent aspects of life. 

Since spirituality is so desired in everyone’s life and because there is no harm in living life with an aim towards achieving peace, let's look at a few steps on how to conquer life through the spiritual lens. 


Starting Practices to Achieve a More Spiritual Outlook on Life 

Most people, regardless of their tastes, religion, and gender, want to form deep connections in life, have a wholesome experience, and move through life with peace in their minds and heads held high. Thus, there is no harm if one starts following the below-mentioned practices. Go through them, practice them with sincerity, and watch how your outlook on life drastically changes. 

Every new beginning fails when it is rushed through. This is because a new start may be overwhelming. Rushing to the top is difficult as maintaining the pace is not always easy as it seems. Thus, start small. The new habits you surround yourself with must be easy to follow. Nothing develops overnight, take your time with your goals. Be patient. Start with the most basic and simple things. For example, just surround yourself with silence for five to ten minutes a day. Do this in an environment that is calming and soothing. This is the first step towards attaining spirituality. 


One very major step towards leading a more spiritual life is completely committing yourself to its beliefs. Love yourself, accept the real you in every shape and form. Try to find moments of peace in your regular life. Be it while reading a book or enjoying your daily dose of the morning sun. Practice self-compassion, be kind towards others, explore gratitude, and be thankful for what you have.

These practices are the core that makes up spirituality. Be a better person and love yourself and others around you. Find joy in the little things. The key is to change your perspective. 


Practicing spirituality on the regular is the most important step in moving ahead with your goal. When you are going through moments of anger and frustration, try to search for the peace within it. These moments cannot be attained easily. You must practice focusing on the better things, trying to find peace within yourself, and surround yourself with positivity. This requires commitment and regular practice. Meditating may help.

Staying in nature, focusing on the stimuli around you may also come in handy. One must be completely aware of one’s emotions, thoughts, and behavior. In doing this one can finally replace moments of frustration and trouble with something peaceful. When one does, they will find themselves to be a different version of themselves. A healthier, spiritual, and better one.