Venus sign and their toxic relationship habits

Venus sign and their toxic relationship habits

Venus is said to be the planet of aesthetic, beauty, love, money and extreme pleasure. It tells a great deal about the kind of person we are, to whom we feel attracted to and what allures our mind. This planet details about the type of relationship we crave for and all the things that spark pleasure in us. Basically, it tells us a lot about what can make us happy and joyful when in love.

Venus and sun sign can reveal a lot about the relationship pattern that we used to follow, read on to know more-


When Venus is in the Aries, the fire sign people are said to get all red hot and impulsive in the relationship. As and when an Arian develops an emotional bond, they feel committed to another person in the relationship. This leads to impulsive and obsessive behaviour and rather than thinking twice on a thing they make hasty decisions. Generally, in such scenarios as soon as the person falls in love, they fall out of love too that quickly.


When it comes to love, Taureans are the pickiest and choosy people. Also when they seem to adore a person, they want all their attention and love for themselves, at the time this makes them overly possessive and crazy. Stubborn Taurus conceived people do not bend their ways as per anyone’s will, it is either their way or no way at all. So, they are quick to notice the change in the attitude of their lover and if things are going on behind the scene, all hidden from their eyes.


Gemini born people have a commitment phobia. They love to chat and flirt but are scared when it comes to staying committed. In case a conversation no longer holds their interest, they tend to get bored easily and switch people from time to time rather than hanging on to a single person in a dull relationship.


Just the feeling of love excited these Cancerians. When on one side their nurturing and caring nature makes them great partner yet, on the other hand, their over emotion nature comes off as the turn off for their partners. If a partner hurts the feeling of these Cancerians, they become an emotional mess with melodramatic outbursts surfacing from within them. They have a problem in forgiving people easily and at times use tears as a way to manipulate their partners.


Leo loves attention wherever they go and as and when they feel their partner’s attention drifting from them, insecurities and trust issues stem inside their mind. They love to get over the top by throwing tantrums, fighting in public and accusing their partner just to spice up and make their relationship interesting.


Perfectionist Virgo tends to see things with their perfect glasses on and thus their search for a perfect match seems unending. Even if there are minor flaws in a person, they seem to make it a big character defect in the person. They love to get appreciated and praised and if people do not seem to value their presence, it makes them feel agitated.


Libra’s are easy to fall in love when the planet Venus is in this zodiac sign. They adore the idea of romantic dates and loving words yet sticking to just one lover is something that they hate. In their confusion, they send mixed signals to the chaser and love the idea of being chased.


When in a relationship, Scorpio born individuals devote to their partners completely. With their loyalty, they even forget that the other person needs some space and alone time, constant attention by them becomes nagging to the other person. They excessively stalk and doubt their partners which makes the other person feel suffocated in the relationship.


The adventure Sagittarius loves it when the relationship is new and exciting but as soon as the exciting gets off, they tend to disappear not caring about their partner. They love to flirt with many people to keep on with their adventure and excitement level in the relationship.


When it comes to work and profession, they do not think even twice before ditching their partner on the date night.  Although a devoted partner, they do not like to show their affection through with physical affection and gestures with romance.


Smart Aquarius is rather awkward in the relationship. They love to interact with their partner in an intellectual way showing off their intelligent rather than being romantic even if it is their first date, which act as a turnoff for the other person.


When Venus is in Pisces, these people tend to see best in everyone and when it comes to relationship they even forget about themselves. It is important to witness red flags in the relationship for Pisces born people.