Venus in Virgo - Meaning and Personality Traits

Venus in Virgo - Meaning and Personality Traits

Venus in Virgo means putting your focus on the right things in life. Everything that happens in life depends on the choices one makes. So Venus in Virgo is about making the right choices. 

Dates: August 23rd - September 22nd 

Quality: Mutable 

Element: Earth 

Positive keywords that describe these people: Rational, Systematic, Flawless, Faithful, Considerate, Sorted 

Negative keywords that describe these people: Stern, Criticizing, Monotonous, Rigid, Slow-moving 

Celebrities with this placement: Guy de Maupassant, David Guetta, Kate Winslet, Luciano Pavarotti, Ingrid Bergman, Julie Andrews 

The personality of Venus in Virgo: Decoding 


Virgo might not be the passionate sign of all the zodiac signs but when Venus is in Virgo, they show their affection by completely devoting themselves and paying attention to details. They want to make sure that their partner is happy. That is why they work so hard but sometimes it seems nagging. But there is only a good intention behind it, to help people. 


Venus is a planet of leisure, love, relationship, sensuality, pleasure, and money. Venus in Virgo being a perfectionist takes their every relationship very seriously and will do whatever it takes to satisfy their soulmate. 


Venus in Virgo people listen very carefully and can pick up on small hints. This is the reason behind them being good at giving caring gestures and thoughtful gifts. They always know how to make someone's mood. And they will go to extreme levels to make sure it happens flawlessly. 

Positive traits of Venus in Virgo 

Venus in Virgo, male or female, is helpful and honest sometimes excessively. When something wrong happens, they find it difficult not to step in. Just because they are well-organized, they feel that any situation can be fixed by them and can try to do so whether they were asked or not. Only people who are close to them know that this is all a part of their caring nature.

If someone shows appreciation for their help, they will get to see the tender side of Venus in Virgo. These people want to be recognized for their hard work and need dedication in their relationships. Much is not needed to make them happy. Somebody to love who loves them back with the same intensity, a safe home, and a close social circle is what is needed. 

While Venus in Virgo can be considered the least exciting of all zodiac signs, they are reliable and solid and will always be the back of their loved ones. They should be named the most loyal partner. Family, companions, and friends top their list of priorities. 

Negative traits of Venus in Virgo 

While Venus in Virgo is usually considerate and charming but when Venus goes overboard it can backfire. These people might not believe in big displays of their love but they get very upset when their well-detailed plan does not go that way. And if it goes that way but does not receive the appreciation they expected, it will take a lot of time for them to get over this disappointment. 

Venus keeps the biggest expectations with its actions as well as with the actions of other people around them. To say it more clearly, they place very stiff standards for their loved ones on how they should be performing in their daily lives. 

While some people make up to the standards, others cannot make up to them. And if Virgo realizes their partner is the latter one, it will be very hard for them to not criticize their partner. Do not think they are doing this because they are vengeful. They just want the best out of the people they adore. 


Venus in Virgo people takes time to do things the right way in the first time itself. This can seem very slow and some people can find it infuriating. They are very careful to not disbalance their boat but sometimes to others these people seem boring and rigid. It will be better to not push them because Venus in Virgo tends to be sensitive. 

As long as Venus in Virgo people are recognized, they feel they are worth it and will be very happy to continue being faithful. The best their social network can reward them is by appreciating them. These people need the opportunity to relax. When Venus is in Virgo, it makes these people have in-depth thoughts on how to achieve what they want in life. That is why they show discipline and honesty in what they do.