Venus in Scorpio - Meaning and Personality Traits

Venus in Scorpio - Meaning and Personality Traits

Venus in Scorpio is the reason behind love being your drive. That is why you show willingness and passion in doing something unique. Your future partner will possess the qualities that can rule your love. You make passionate and excellent lovers.  

Dates: October 23- November 21st 

Quality: Fixed 

Element: Water 

Positive keywords that describe these people: Ardent, Fervent, Tempting, Emotional, Alluring, Alert 

Negative keywords that describe these people: Controlling, Overprotective, Unappealable, Dominating 

Celebrities with this placement: Demi Moore, Agatha Christie, Sylvia Brown, Usher, Bruce Springsteen, Tiger Woods 

The personality of Venus in Scorpio: Decoding 


The word that best describes a Scorpio is intense. And when Venus is placed in Scorpio these people become very powerful in terms of relationship and love. Your emotions are very deep and your devotion is much deeper. You do not like to reveal much about yourself. And this mystique quality is what other people find attractive in you.  


Venus is a planet of relationships, beauty, income, value objects, money, sensuality, love, and finance. Therefore, for a Scorpio, true love is an intense matter. You maintain close attention to your loved ones. You do not believe in discussing a matter without coming to the point. While some people acknowledge this, others look at it as problematic.  

Positive traits of Venus in Scorpio 

Scorpio, a water sign, has to deal with a range of emotions that other people can oy think about. That means Scorpio feels love for its purest form. And that is why you love others the same way.  

You follow a direct approach that shows your integrity and honesty. You have a lot of mysteries and secrets hidden inside you and you rarely show it to anyone.  

The passion you have for love can be clearly seen in the bedroom as you become a powerhouse in bed. The reason that most of your lovers remember you are this passionate behavior.  

Your intuition is very strong and has the ability to read anyone's mind just like you are reading a book, allowing your partner to feel the most pleasure. Here is when you reveal the best of your emotions showering your partner with intense love. And if you are not ready to express such emotions then you will stay in the sea of your emotions. 

Hence, if you know how to get out of this sea of emotions and let others feel the wave of this sea, it becomes a vibrant experience. Love becomes a sweet treat when your partner has no problem in going extreme in love.  

Venus in Scorpio people always wants good for their family. Depth and intimacy become very important for you when Venus is in Scorpio. 

Negative traits of Venus in Scorpio 

The best way to keep a Scorpio happy in a committed relationship is only if their partner devotes themselves completely to a Scorpio because that is what Scorpio will do for them. You do not know any other way of expressing your love either you will be passionate about love or not, there is nowhere between. Someone close to you should know how to make efforts to keep you happy. If they do not then you will keep them off your social network. 

One minor mistake and you get upset. And that is when everyone should become aware of you. Loyalty is important for you and if someone doesn't maintain that then, you will forget them but not forgive them. This also means that you want people to let you have control over them. You need stability and security in your life. 

You become jealous and possessive with Venus in Scorpio. You are mysterious and do not like anyone interfering with your privacy. But at the same you would like to know everything happening in your partner's life, ruining their privacy. 


Venus in Scorpio people are very loyal and can do to extreme levels to protect their loved ones. This trait can make you look like you are a little possessive and everybody may not accept that. Some people think your obsessive nature is intoxicating and cannot keep up with it. Only a person with a strong personality can keep up with your intensity.  

Venus in Scorpio people wants a lover who is as intense and fierce as them because they want a passionate relationship. You want loyalty in your relationship and if your partner assures you of that then you will devote yourself completely to it. You have an extremely seductive personality.