Venus in Sagittarius - Meaning and Personality Traits

Venus in Sagittarius - Meaning and Personality Traits

Venus in Sagittarius means living an adventurous and better life. It presents the basic things that help in living a better life. They have inner goals to chase. But when Venus is in Sagittarius, it becomes about living the best life. 

Dates: November 22nd- December 21st 

Quality: Mutable 

Element: Fire 

Positive keywords that describe these people: Extrovert, Fascinating, Venturesome, Coquettish, Amusing, Irresistible 

Negative keywords that describe these people: Envious, Floating, Spontaneous 

Celebrities with this placement: Jamie Lee Curtis, Diego Maradona, Rowan Atkinson, Federico Fellini, Whoopi Goldberg 

The personality of Venus in Sagittarius: Decoding 


Sagittarius has an easygoing attitude and that can be seen in their romantic life. He or she is open to everything, joy, and fun. They love Irresistibly and want to share their love with everyone. This means that they can divert from their partner. But they get back to them somehow. 


The planet Venus represents love, pleasure, money, beauty, finance, and ambition. Sagittarius finds being in love pleasure and sharing their thrilling experiences with someone. 


Venus in Sagittarius people always likes to go on an adventure and increase their bundle of knowledge. They want other people to experience the same excitement as them. This means that these people are always ready to go. Sometimes, they leave other people behind in the disturbance that surrounds them. 

Positive traits of Venus in Sagittarius 

Venus in Sagittarius has an open mind and friendly personality which seems irresistible. They do not have any evil intentions if they suddenly disappear for an adventure. 

A problem should be presented as an abstract puzzle to Venus in Sagittarius. They love brain teasers and engaging in a debate. So they know how to solve a problem and come up with a reasonable solution.  

The perfect way to gratify a Venus in Sagittarius lover is by surprising them with exciting activities. And it is necessary to follow them on this surprise journey. Things should be kept casual and light because they don't like to be restricted or confined by anything. When their philosophical side arises, they can debate about social issues, politics, and life. They like to repartee and want a partner who feels the same. 

Negative traits of Venus in Sagittarius 

Venus in Sagittarius people gets consumed in their desire to roam. It becomes the responsibility of their loved ones to bring them back to Earth. These people find it hard to make long-term commitments. Hence, they find trouble living a serious life. Sagittarius, being a fire sign, wants the freedom to do what they like when they like. This can be hard for those who tend to get jealous. 

The only time when Venus in Sagittarius becomes sad is when somebody tries to force them into doing something or upset them. That is why their reaction to this is fleeting. These people do not like confrontation and will do anything to avoid it. However, they come back when they think the path is clear. 

If Venus in Sagittarius believes their loved ones or partner is restricting them from doing things they like to do, they will leave them for good. These people are not great at compromising. And they definitely do not want to stick around for long to have a serious conversation. Nobody should make the mistake of directly telling them of their wrongdoings. Otherwise, they will make sure they have a solution for this. 


Venus in Sagittarius people wants somebody who can go with them in the flow. They are up for anything at a moment's notice. Although it is a difficult thing to keep on a regular basis, one will never feel bored in their presence. These people appreciate others for who they really are and their desires also. 

Their partner should make sure that they are not pushing their views on Venus in Sagittarius as their major turn-off in a relationship is restrictions. One should follow them and Venus in Sagittarius will bring them to a place full of joys. 

Venus in Sagittarius is considered a sign of harmony and peace. They like to be outgoing and make their future better with the right choices. Their charisma plays an important role in living a better life. These people have the power to move on. They do not limit their mind to something that is not productive. They put their mind into something that does not give them any kind of stress. They do not like someone limiting their movement as they value freedom.