Venus In Leo Man

Venus In Leo Man

What attracts Venus in Leo Man?

Venus in Leo man has attracted women who are arrogant, outgoing and garish. The aura of aloofness or quite distinguishable confidence is what attracts these men. These kinds of men will always their eyes on women who put on a lot of makeup and jewelry. Some Leo men love flashy clothes in women and some prefer the slightly understated look on the women they set their eyes on.

Venus in Leo Man Loves to be adored and venerated.

Leo is the sign of the lion and it represents gold, monarchs, and offspring. If you are a Venus in Leo, it's better to surround yourself with people who will encourage the childlike curiosity in you. Venus in Leo men loves to shower their partner with praises and show appreciation all the time for being with them. Venus in Leo's lucky colors is gold and purple.

Expresses himself dramatically.

Venus in Leo enjoys painting or theatre. If he is bored, he might create drama in his own life which in turn might hurt his personal relationships.  The sign of Leo rules the heart and the spine.

A strong and warm Man. 

His attr1 personality accompanied by hid capability of having fun is what attracts women to him. He is very big-hearted and is successful enough to overcome his losses without falling down his horse. He gets attracted to women who adore him. He loves to enjoy the beauty in all its forms. When in bed the king of the jungle will live up to his title and after of lovemaking is over, he will probably be pillaging the fridge or get a sandwich. Venus in Leo men gives away their heart very easily and totally but sometimes he tends to forget who he left it with!

Greatly attracted to beauty in all forms.

He loves to partake in plays and show business. They love bold gestures in relationships and his display of affection is borderline dramatic. Venus in Leo loves to hang around glamorous and beautiful people. They are very honest about their feelings. Venus in Leo men is straightforward people who never shy away from letting people know about how they feel. They get what they want and do not handle it very well when someone puts up a fight to that or rejects them. Insecurity fills Venus in Leo up when he is rejected and he tends to combust internally. However, this can manifest itself into breaking of mirrors, punching walls and create a scene. These individuals are very naïve and feel that just because they like a person, the latter will obviously be attracted to them. Venus in Leo can be very stubborn and fail to understand that not everyone may like to adore them.

He may get dominated by his girlfriend or his wife.

They tend to be outshined by their partners. Venus in Leo might be inclined towards overindulgence and may be obsessed about his appearance. He might be a shallow man with a taste for beautiful women and love to spend his wealth on them.

Leo man can be egotistical and impatient but he loves the oddballs and the impetuous women because he believes that he is of the same mold. He is in absolute love with the spotlight. His lover should give them space to do this and in return, he will treat her like a queen.


Venus is the planet of love and romance and this quality combined with the magnanimous Leo characteristics assures that no one can have a bad time with him. They will be thoroughly entertained and enjoy every moment they spent with him. And once the night is long gone, they will still remember it just like it happened yesterday.

They will get offended from tiniest of insults and hence its better to not go overboard with him. Even though he likes his women to be dominant, ballsy and someone who knows exactly what they want from their life and how they want it, his love for being the center of attention might clash with this preference.


Venus in Leo will make you wonder how you haven’t found him yet and will change you as you are. He will spoil you, take care of you and show you that satisfaction is more than physical and emotional things.