Venus in 8th House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

Venus in 8th House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

Venus is all about compassion, beauty, love, culture, art, and the list never ends. It represents the tender and jolly parts of life. It rules the fertile and womanly, the benign and elegant features of human life. When the matter comes to the 8th house in Astrology, it represents change and troubles, our reaction to change and trouble, sexual urge, demise and birth, personal transformation, and progress, partner’s assets, addiction, taxes, other people’s money, psychology, parent’s will and divorce.

Aspects of life affected due to Venus in the 8th house

Prosperity and possessions

Relations and connections


The darker sides of one’s personality

Positive impacts and characteristics

Natives with the placement of Venus in the 8th house get all the comforts and abundance in life because of the efforts made by their partner. Thus, they live a life full of richness and luxuries. Besides that, they get a partner who is highly experienced when it comes to money. Natives with this placement should consider themselves lucky because they have a partner who is honest and ready to share his or her possessions and money with them easily.

As per Vedic Astrology, Venus in the 8th house represents that the natives may get money in the way of inheritance. They can also get loans easily from banks or their families. There are chances of them being lethargic and unproductive. If they become too obsessed with physical satisfaction in life then that could lead to destruction. The addiction to pleasure can be the reason for many problems in their life.

The natives with this placement seek intense love relationships so they do not believe in casual meetings. They seem to be bored when there is no spark left in a relationship. They will prefer making drama over trivial things instead of awkward silence. They hesitate to show their vulnerable side in love and end up hiding their real emotions.

The impact of Venus in the 8th house makes the individuals hold back their feelings and thoughts to themselves even if the other person is clear about their feelings. Such natives look for passion and strong qualities. If they do not find what they are looking for, they consider living life worthless. This is considered completely natural because their governing zodiac sign is Scorpio and their governing planet is Mars.

Negative impacts and characteristics

The natives with the placement of Venus in the 8th house are filled with negativity. If they let their negativity control them then there can be some serious problems. Besides that, the natives may find their interest in psychic subjects, metaphysics, and supernatural practices. Their areas of interest also include healing and magic. If Venus reverses, the natives can become bitter and will consider sexual pleasures before anything. There are certain remedies to address the negative impacts of Venus in the 8th house.

Natives with these placements are packed with desires that can go beyond a certain extent. This blocks their hunt for a healthy and successful relationship. They want a copy of themselves but this is not possible. They want to find the real purpose of lust and love, but everybody doesn’t have the time to do that. They have this thought in mind that everything comes with hidden meaning and it sometimes becomes exhaustive and others cannot tolerate these traits of the native.

Their passion sometimes becomes overwhelming. While others are busy having a good and relaxing time, they are busy following their passion. They need to take a pause at regular intervals and realize that certain things are the same on the inside and outside. They don’t have to go deeper to find the hidden meaning. Sometimes there are no secrets to be revealed so they should just relax.

The fear of betrayal haunts the natives. As a result, they become possessive and jealous in their relationships. When they love their partner, they want the same love in return. Besides that, they can get attracted towards several taboos, forbidden and hidden matters of life. In some cases, individuals with this placement of planets might make an occupation out of affection, love, and sensuality. Others can easily notice the intensity in them.


The natives with the placement of Venus in the 8th house can live a life of comfort, luxury, and richness. They can also want intense relationships and try to make bonds deeper. However, there is no need to over-expect anything from others and they should not get controlled by their desires.