Venus in 7th House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

Venus in 7th House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

According to Roman mythology, Venus is referred to as the Goddess of beauty, love, fertility, and sex. When Venus is placed in the 7th house it is like a cherry on the top for the natives. This arrangement is the ideal combination to shower the native with a successful marital life packed with happiness, fondness, desirability, and elegance. Such people are supportive in their relationships. Apart from these traits they show in relationships, they are also sensitive, gentle, and caring in other areas of life.

Aspects of life affected due to Venus in the 7th house






Positive impacts and characteristics

Venus in the 7th house presents a good perspective of marriage. This arrangement grants everlasting joy to the natives plus it nourishes their bond with their partner. These natives come across a happy marital life. The couple has a mutual understanding which helps them to conquer any difficult situation in their marriage. It has also been noticed that the natives with this arrangement have a powerful emotional and physical connection to preserve their beautiful relationship. They always find a less difficult way to deal with emergencies and morally support one another to fight their problems. Whether it is a sad or happy moment, they will be there for each other. Vedic astrology says that natives having this arrangement get a physically attractive husband or wife.

The impact of Venus placed in the 7th house contributes to nurturing the native’s bonds. Individuals having this arrangement would never cheat the other partner for their own selfish reasons and have deep respect for them. Girls with this arrangement have all the traits of a great wife and mother. They shower affection when it is a matter of taking care of someone. They show respect, sympathy, and understanding in their relationships. They marry the person of their dreams who has high status and with whom they can live life in luxury and richness. They are fortunate to enjoy every comfort of life.

Couples with Venus placed in the 7th house who was in a relationship before their marriage, experience a life full of joys. Both the partners are caring towards each other and do not blame each other even in times of trouble. Their financial condition also improves after marriage. They both take care of each other’s mental peace and desires. They are always craving for love and that results in good physical relations.

Apart from the individuals in a relationship, single people with this arrangement engage in many love affairs before marriage. They have an active sexual life from a young age and believe in infatuation. Such natives get frustrated when they remain single for a longer time. They have a dashing personality that attracts people of the opposite sex. Before meeting the right person, they will have to face many affairs and breakups. Love marriage for such natives proves to be highly successful.

Negative impacts and characteristics

There are chances when Venus is placed in the 7th house brings negative consequences in a native’s relationships. Their deep-rooted emotions make their bond with their partner worse and they may part their ways too early. At times they get involved in a quarrel that badly affects their relationship. Instead of showing love and care towards each other, they persistently make a fuss. After some time, they start losing interest in each other and they get into depression. The individual’s egocentric nature makes their relationship unreliable and unstable. This behavior destroys their relationship and ends up hurting one another.

The impact of Venus placed in the 7th house leads to a marriage that is not trustworthy and both partners do not care about each other’s emotions. Natives having this arrangement lack compassion and do not respect each other. Vedic Astrology states that there is a possibility that these individuals may not have met their other half. They might have been very choosy while choosing the partner for marriage and end up being with the wrong person.


Venus placed in the 7th house is considered one of the fortunate combinations natives can experience in their lives. It blesses their relationship with joyfulness and satisfaction. Venus is considered a good sign of enduring relationships. But if the placement of Venus in the 7th house results in some negative consequences it enfeebles the link between the individuals and raises several problems in their life. As there are two sides of a coin, there are two effects of this arrangement- both positive and negative.