Vehicle from kundali

Vehicle from kundali

A better home and owning world-class vehicles are the dream of all of us. A person who has accomplished owning their dream home and car will be considered to have lived a successful life. Owning a vehicle is still a luxury in a country like India, unlike the Western world, owning a vehicle determine the status of a person in the Indian society. The astrology has something in stock for owning a vehicle too, and believe it or not a person may get more likely to own a vehicle based on his/her kundali charts. There are certain aspects in a kundali chart that are responsible for the determination of success in terms of all kinds of property and over time. Astrology has developed in the modern world to include certain new forms of property items in the chart predictions.

The 4th house in the kundali charts lays down its focus on property and particularly vehicles. There are certain planets associated with this house that decides the fate of the vehicle you may own. The astrology kundali charts give you a complete picture of the class of the vehicle. If a person is experiencing in the purchase and selling of a vehicle or some cases, any other kind of property then it is very likely that the position of the planets in the 4th lord or 4th house is not balanced. Mars and Venus are the two planets associated with it. The financial success of a vehicle deal is connected to the current mahadasha of planets in the kundali charts.

These are some points that explain the vehicle yogin Astrology: -

The 4th house is known as the house of vehicles and the antardasha and mahadasha decide financial success in buying a vehicle.

In terms of zodiac signs, the Earthy signs are good for a vehicle purchase.

If the 4th house in the kunai charts is strong, it will help in a vehicle purchase. It is indicated as (Vahan Sukh) Vehicle benefit in the astrology.

Another important thing is the Karak of vehicle and the planet Venus.

The astrology also indicates the connection of houses, if the 4th house or the 4th lord has a relation of 7th house or the 8th house or the 7th and the 8th lords then it is specified that the purchase of the vehicle will be done with the help of in-laws.

Also, if the 9th house or the 9th lord is about the 4th house or the 4th lord, then the person will get.

If the longest have 'Nakshatra parivartan you' along with the 4th house and lord then it is likely that the person will get a vehicle earned by his own money in Dasha-Antar Dasha of 4th or 2nd lords.

When the lord of the 4th house is exalted and its lord occupies a Kendra or trikona, the vahana yoga in astrology is formed.

Venus and the moon need to be in the best state to have the best vehicle possibility.

Mercury and Jupiter or in 4th house, Tikona confers vahana yoga and vehicles in horoscopes.

There is also a possibility in astrology seen from the 8th houses and lords and wrongly laced 4th lords and houses also.

There is also a concept of vehicle number in numerology of astrology is also very important.

Many people in the world also take into consideration the color of the vehicle when purchasing it (color as per the astrology), they need to check our lucky color and then buy the vehicle of that color.

The timing of the purchase is also specified by the astrology. Timing is however not very exact and if your charts are in any good Dasha and antardasha will let you buy a vehicle without any bad luck associated with it and ensure a good ride for you. Still being very specific, as stated above, the 4th house or 4th lord having a good Dasha and Antar Dasha will be perfect for a new vehicle deal. The 9th 10th and 11th houses' Dasha shows good strong results. A good Dasha of Venus and moon in the 4th house or 4th lord will ensure a very early deal of a vehicle.

Different types of features specify the exact nature of the vehicle and the purpose. The Sun is responsible for government vehicles and driver services. Moon is the celestial body for luxury cars with mainly white color. Jupiter is responsible for the safety of the car and the driver or owner, it also ensures the nature built of the car is strong enough. Mars is known for the variety in the cars, the variety in models, and its features are given by Mars. The attractiveness and the standard of the luxury of the car are given by Mercury. Venus is simply for ensuring a lovely car and a collection of standard cars. Saturn is however specific in its grants, with most associated with blue colored old vehicles. Rahu is, however, a planet with bad luck but it can provide a big black colored car. Ketu is, however, the planet of denial and it is mostly in the charts to reduce the chances of having a car at all. The most beautiful and grand vehicles with almost all the features are given but Moon and Venus in the kundali charts.

So, we have seen that astrology has an important role in the purchase of our vehicle which is another very important aspect of our lives. Whether it may be the purchase, the colour, the registration, the time of purchase, the delivery, or even the first ride is affected by astrology. After buying the car, it is advised that the first ride should be taken to a temple to get blessings for the car. Vigneshwara is the lord of overcoming obstacles in life and hence preferred as the idol for the car. In Hindu culture, Kundali has proven to play the most crucial role in un every single aspect of life.