Vedic astrology rules for harmonious relationships and marriage

Vedic astrology rules for harmonious relationships and marriage

‘Marriages are made in heaven but celebrated here on Earth, and for this purpose, it is quite understandable of the fact that to have a loving and harmonious relationship with our spouse we do innumerable things. In Hinduism, one such thing is visiting the astrologers prior to fixing any marriage or important celebrations. This is done to ensure that all the auspicious celebrations should be done after studying our planetary positions and star alignment in the horoscope to avoid any chances of mishappening from our end.

Once the families meet with their respective priest and astrologer, only then are the marriage dates and time fixed for the wedding, to celebrate it during shubh mahurat as it is popularly called. Below are some of the parameters and rules that need to be considered prior to fixing any marriage ties to ensure a harmonious and loving relationship---

Birth Horoscope

Birth horoscope is also popularly referred to as Janam Kundali. It is prepared at the time of the birth of a person by keeping in mind the date, time, and place of birth. All in all, there are twelve houses in the horoscope which are governed by the different lords, each responsible for an important aspect in an individual’s life. Here the seventh house is considered to be important for the marriage purpose or the kind of spouse a person will get. So, to get a quick glimpse of the important future happenings to make sure either you visit an astrologer or check the compatibility with your partner via horoscope Kundali prediction calculator.

Some significant houses to be considered-

Ascendant house or Lagna house

Seventh house--- known to be the house for marriage and spouse

Fifth house- known to be house reflecting romance, chemistry, progeny and emotional involvement between partners

Twelfth house- house stating facts about sexual life and love between partners. In case the twelfth house is afflicted by malefic planets especially if sixth house lord is not beneficial then it results in impotency.

The second house- it highlights information regarding the wealth and kutumb i.e the immediate family

Besides, it should be noted that there should be aspects and positioning of benefic planets in the house and there should not be any kind of affliction from the malefic planets.

Shubh Katari yoga should be there away from all malefic planets

The benefic points between the couple should be 27 or more in order to ensure a good married life ahead.

Nakshatra formation

There is one more popular category of chart utilized by the astrologers known as the Rashi or nakshatra chart. Speaking of there are generally 27 nakshatras in totality. Each of these nakshatra is then broadly classified under three important heads which are Rakshas, Manushya, and Dev. Effects arising from a specific planet located in the Rashi chart are looked after prior to fixing a fortunate and auspicious time for the marriage. These charts are also used along with other types of Vedic astrology charts to forecast future happenings in terms of relationships, illegal affairs, compatibility between the partners, number of children, married life, etc after the marriage. Once done with this, progressing and by moving on Vedic astrology , later on, took onto the house chart also in astrology. Here in the house system, there are a total of twelve houses or as it is popularly known as Bhavas in  astrology. These various houses give details regarding various important aspects and future happening in our life. These mention details like feelings, emotional compatibility, physical appearance, traits, temperament, and much more important factor that needs to be considered before jumping onto any sort of conclusions related to the marriage.

Rules for a Happy and harmonious married life

To determine a happy and blissful married life post-wedding, other than the houses and their various aspects, doshas should also be studied. As they can greatly affect the peace and harmony in anyone’s life and can subsequently affect their partners as well.

Navamsa should also be studied because if it is occupied by the seventh lord then it is benefic and represents a good married life as the associations of the seventh lord are also benefic and auspicious.