Vastu tips for kitchen

Vastu tips for kitchen

Vastu or Vastu shastra is the ancient science of constructing houses and buildings.  It is like a guide which helps in the proper construction of the buildings. The concept of Vastu ways back much before 5000 years. Such old is the concept of Vastu. While constructing a house it becomes very important to plan it according to the Vastu. It is believed that Vastu brings prosperity and happiness in the house. One of the most important parts of the house is the kitchen where we satisfy our hunger and spend most of our times. It radiates energy and aura which is very important for us. And for that energy to be effective, it becomes important to plan our kitchen according to Vastu.

The appliances or gadgets kept in our kitchen should be placed as per the guidelines of Vastu Shastra which helps in bringing positivity and is good for the health of the members of the family. As it is said that health is wealth and health start from your kitchen where food is prepared. Thus, it becomes very important to see that the place for the kitchen is selected as per the Vastu so that members of the family can stay healthy and fit.

We have certain energies around us at all times. They can be positive and negative both. Those energies surround your house also. Kitchen is the place where this energy is given in the form of food. The raw uncooked food is transformed into nutritious and cooked food that gives us energy. And it becomes important to radiate positive energy and that can be done by following the Vastu tips for the kitchen. If the kitchen is not made as per the Vastu guidelines, there will be negative energies prevailing in the kitchen which will affect the health and prosperity of the family members. So, it becomes imperative to maintain a balance of these energies by following appropriate Vastu tips for the kitchen.

The ones who are planning to revamp your kitchen can make the kitchen in compliance with the Vastu tips. Similarly, if you are planning to build a house you can choose the direction for the different corners according to the Vastu and maintain peace and harmony in the house. So, planning your kitchen according to the Vastu tips will radiate positive energy and vibe in the house. Every little appliance or gadget has its own place in the kitchen. So, choosing its place becomes very important and here we will be guiding you on some tips to follow to organise your kitchen as per Vastu. These tips can be followed by making small changes in our kitchen to maintain the health and prosperity of the family members.

The first and foremost thing that kitchen is associated with the fire element and fire should always be placed in south-east direction. Therefore, the kitchen should be located in the south-east direction. Apart from this, you can opt for north-west direction if the south-east direction is not possible. The windows in the kitchen should be built facing the east. The windows act as ventilators and also save electricity. The rays of the sun are very important for our health. They also provide beauty and brighten up your kitchen.

The big appliance like refrigerator should be placed in the north, south, west and south-east direction. South-west and north-east directions should be completely avoided. As per Vastu, the direction for water-related work should be north-east. So, the sink in the kitchen should be placed in the north-east direction. It is also said that if the element of water is well balanced it attracts wealth and prosperity in the house. While choosing the wall colours for the kitchen it is advisable to use vibrant colours like Orange, red, yellow. Avoid using black on the walls.

An arranged and clean kitchen attracts everyone and so as per Vastu the utensils in the kitchen should be nicely arranged in the cupboards made for them and the directions most suited for cupboards could be southern and western walls. The gas stove should be placed in the south-east direction as it is related to fire. The one who is cooking the food should face the east direction to radiate positivity. Also, one thing to be kept in mind is that both the water and fire elements should not be kept parallel or together as they can have a negative impact on the health of the family. Similarly, the electronic gadgets and appliances should be placed in the south-east direction which brings a lot of benefits to the family.

It is also suggested to keep the storage containers with grains, pulses and spices in the south or west directions as they bring abundance and prosperity in the family. Another thing that matters in the kitchen as per Vastu shastra is the cleanliness. Who doesn’t like a neat and clean house? So, it also becomes important to keep the kitchen clean all the times to create a positive aura and energy around which leads to happiness and a healthy life.

With these tips and making little changes in your kitchen, you can radiate positive energy around you. Vastu helps in maintaining a balance between the four major elements like fire, water, air and earth. And following these tips in the kitchen becomes very inevitable as it is the place where we get our food from and that food gives us energy and keeps our mind and body healthy and fit. Therefore, maintaining the kitchen as per Vastu shastra can help maintain positivity around and overall benefit from it.