Vastu Shastra tips for married life

Vastu Shastra tips for married life

What is Vastu Shastra?

he origin of this term came into light thousands of years ago. It is purely based on the principles of science and the observations and experiments were made based on that. The sunrays, the alignment of the household things in the house, the place and the married life of a person all used to depend on the Vastu of the person and the arrangement of the things kept in place.
Vastu is a part of the Vedas wherein the planetary positions and the birth of a person were linked superficially. The rishis and monks used to focus more on the cosmic radiations and natural phenomenon that was around them and used to help them make decisions. The art of Vastu came from the Stapatya Veda, a part of the Atharva Veda. The word Vastu means “dwelling” or residing places of god. The places where the god resides is mean to be the most auspicious and a way of bringing happiness and prosperity in the life of the people who abide by the rules and shastra of the god.

Vastu Shastra for the married life

A happy married life always brings peace and contentment when it comes to living together and sharing their share of happiness. However, in some cases, the lifestyle of the two individuals can hamper the status of the married life they are living in. To elaborate, the Vastu of the house can hamper the life of a pair.
The elements of the house can often be pleasing to the eye but the positioning and the alignment can go wrong in terms of the psychological effect of the minds of the people living in. Happiness is the element that can suffice every emotional void one has and it’s the duty of every person living in the house to make his or her house Vastu compliment so that apart from the materialistic the happiness that they are gaining they are very well aware with the superficial aspect as well.
It’s only to create a balance of emotions and understanding of the cosmic the energy that is entering the house and not letting it create an imbalance and opening a window of problems and uneasy energy in the life the people living in the house.

Here are few Vastu shastra tips for the married life:

The main point that revolves around the Vastu of a place, the relationship is the alignments, placements, or the usage of particular elements at the right place and the right time. The directions are very important when it comes to the magnetic fields, positivity, and healthy functioning of the people living together. Lots of things matter when it comes to married life and a major prospect it home, they are living in. The direction of the home, the items placed inside, the color of the room, and the date of the home when they are buying it. This tradition has been followed since the age of Mahabharata and the homes over that period of time also took the knowledge of Vastu shastra to build homes when it comes to happiness and prosperity that brought people together and instilled the feeling of harmony between the couples as well.
To avoid the very feeling that, “the moment I entered this place we started fighting even more!” or, “the energy that’s in this house isn’t going well with us” can be avoided if taken necessary steps:

1) The placement of the bedroom :

It is advised to keep the best in the northwest corner of the southwest corner Southwest direction is considered good as this direction ensures positivity, increases the bonding and understanding between the pair. If the south-west direction is not suitable then the next best direction is the north-west side. One should make sure that the pair sleeps with their heads towards the south as it allows all the positive energies to enter from the north direction

2)The furniture:

the usage of Wood is considered beneficial according to Vastu. If there is a lot of furniture present in the room, be it from a bed to a study table or a dressing table, make sure it is made up of wood. Especially beds for the married couple must be made up of the same material and it is said not to use mirror or glass fitting because it reflects the negativity to the person bring the signs of uneasiness and anxiety.

3) The mirrors:

Mirrors even though make the room look bigger and brighter often reflect the energy that falls upon them. The number of mirrors can increase the chances of quarrels, discomfort, and bad energy in the room. They should be placed as far as possible form the main room and are preferred to be covered at Night

4)A clean house is a way to a clean mind:

No matter how busy one is the two should always clean the house regularly even if it takes time. But cleanliness is known to bring positivity in the home and the minds of the people living in that home. Cluttered and littered room, blocks them mind as well leading to frustration, Tension and uneasiness at home. The whole house should be cleaned up real nice and there should be a lot of places to sustain a happy life.

5) Decorative and motivational posters:

The use of decorative wallpapers and posters, pictures of good times in the house can be very refreshing for the pair living, as it resonates happiness and a calm outlook towards things that can motivate them. The house shouldn’t just be of furniture because these posters can light up the mood of the two and they can always stay motivated in letting more coordination in life.
These are few tips that can be followed keeping the Vastu in mind. These few anecdotes are something that has been followed by people for many years and it works. Other than all the materialistic happiness that can be bought, these old school remedies are something each married could living together should swear by whatever is possible to bring in more prosperity in life.