Vastu shastra tips for immunity and good health

Vastu shastra tips for immunity and good health

Vastushastra - the cosmic ancient science

Based on the cosmic energies, Vastu shastra is an old age practice that is based on five major elements- Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Space- The Panchatantras. Vastu is considered as one of the major elements in the sciences of Indian architecture. Governed by certain rules, Vastu is taken into consideration while constructing the house.  Vedic sages have composed a certain set of regulations, which comprises the essential philosophy of building construction. According to Vastu, all five elements should be in the right correlation and must show perfect balance with each other. There is a specified position for each element-

Air- North-West, Water- North- East, Earth- South-West, Fire- South-East and, Space- Centre

While planning out the construction of the house, one must take these elements and their associated directions into consideration. There can be situations where this balance might be disturbed due to the construction process and it might result in various health problems- ranging from insomnia to several other chronic diseases. According to ancient science, everything in the house has its energy and their energies are heavily influenced by these five elements.

A building is considered as a living organism in the Vastu that has its energies and it is advised that it should be constructed keeping the harmonic relationship with the underlying governing energies of the universe in mind. The building, then, becomes the source of ground energies, reaching to the mind and soul of the person living there, maintaining the balance between each. Good Vastu acts as a catalyst for the well-being of the person and avoids emotional and physical disturbances.

ill health and Vastu Shastras

The more technologically sound we are becoming, the more we are losing the major chunk of our health. The modern era, no doubt, has brought a lot of changes in our society but its ill effects have affected health the most!

While we have gained a lot of developments in medical science, there are still many questions which medical science fails to give. Medical science focuses on the reaction to disease and never questions its root cause, which in turn, only eliminates the disease from the surface area and that too for a temporary period.

This is where Vastu comes into the action. Everything in the universe holds different energy and when combined with the right knowledge of Vastu can help you in positively channelizing these energies.

Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture that is governed by the working of energies of the universe. These energies produce vibrations and are responsible for maintaining an overall a positive environment in the house and any disbalance in these energies can make you feel sick, depressed, or anxious.

Vastu shastra tips for immunity and good health

Every Vastu tip is backed by science fact and plays a vital role in the improvement of mental health, immunity, and, the well-being of a person. We’ve listed Vastu tips that will bring prosperity to your life.

Proper sleep of a minimum of 8 hours is necessary for a healthy well-being and sleeping in the right direction will help you in channelizing your energies towards the right path. It is advised to sleep with your head pointing towards the south direction to experience peace of mind.

Brahmasthan is considered as the center of energies, it should not be filled with heavy furniture and left empty. Furniture or any other thing will obstruct the flow of energy and this is why traditionally built homes have an open courtyard right in the center of their house so that energies can travel to the entire house without any hindrances.

The North-east direction is considered as the most auspicious direction so whenever you sit for your prayers, remember to face the North-east direction.

Staircases also have their energies which can impact the health of persons. A house should never have stairs in the center. They must be built in the corner to avoid serious health issues.

The South-east direction is governed by the Fire element. The hot temperature will create a high flow of energy. Due to the hot and warm temperament, the south-east direction is considered well for Kitchen. The East is considered the best direction for cooking and eating food. Avoid having a bedroom in the southeast direction as it will lead to high tensions and problems.

Main doors are important elements in the Vastu shastra. They guide and direct the energies and keep them inside the house. All the gates, especially the main gate of the house should open inside as it will block the positive energies to go outside.

If you have beams in your living area or your bedroom make sure they are not in the center or right above the head. These beams may disturb your peace and often acts as a blockage between mind and energies.

Make a habit to light a candle in either Southeast or the Northwest direction. It not only brings the aesthetic touch but also eliminates the negative energies from the place. Even if someone is not keeping well in your family from the past few days, try keeping a candle for a couple of days. Every direction has its importance and holds its energies

North is associated with career and wealth of the person

Northeast is associated with knowledge.

While the south direction holds the value for fame and success, Southwest and East represents the love relationships and family matters respectively.

The West is considered good to enhance creativity and the Northwest brings peace in friendships.

Some people do not give much importance to Vastu and experience negative energies in their life. Every Vastu tip has a scientific reason and works in a certain way.  Positioning certain things in a certain place can bring peace, prosperity, and lots of positive vibes to your house. So, these were some tips that you can try to fill your house with an ounce of positive energy.