Everyone has an escape in life. A place where they feel safe and when they enter they get the right energy and vibe of being in the comforts of their sofa or the bed or even a chair in their balcony. Every furniture should be placed in a way that doesn’t mean to clutter your space and your mind.

A person living in a place comes under the light of the energy that a house provides, the placement, the structure of the house, the windows somehow creates a field of positive and negative energies around.

Hence it is very important to understand the bridge between the art of astrology and the technique of placement of the furniture that you bring in the house.

Vastu Shastra is a part of Vedas were in the astrological elements are taken into consideration.

 The doorway, the placement of the beds, the colors of the wall, the number of mirrors everything can be settled keeping in mind the technicalities of Vastu shastra.

Vastu is the place wherein the positive energy resides, where the gods raised in the balance, that is why in old times monks and rishis used to construct their houses keeping this element in mid, in Mahabharata also, Yudhishthira made each and every house in Indraprastha in terms of the Vastu of the place so that people live in a peaceful and calm environment.

Here are a few tips to follow if you wish to make your house spiritually and mentally connected:

The entrance of the house:

The entry of the house is the doorway to the outer world; you not only let people into your house but the energies also. It’s the starting point of the house so you better keep it the gateway of positivity and happiness. The best directions are northeast, north, east, south or southeast, west or North West.

Living room:

The social room of the house wherein you let your guests and family members and have a good active time. The living room is known to be the first thing a guest enters and thus making a permanent first impression and you really don’t want to spoil it by keeping either too clustered or dingy and if you have a mirror make sure you place it in the north wall. The room should either face east, north, or northeast.


A bedroom is the main point of the house wherein you are all by yourself and you need your peace and comfort to the fullest. The Vastu of the house can be beneficial to the people living respectively. Avoid using mirrors in front of the bed so that the energies you emit doesn’t reflect and cause negativity around giving domestic disruptions and fights to increase. Ideally, the southwest direction is known to be fortunate.


The most impactful and holiest place of the house is one of the ancient architectures known as the courtyard or Brahmasthan. It is known to radiate energies in abundance. Make a point you regularly clean this area making it spot-free and clutter-free and that it shouldn’t have any hindering object or place near the kitchen or pillar that causes adverse energy among the family member of the house.

The whole house:

Try to keep each and every corner of your house light and free of any further. The corners shouldn’t be filled with dull lamps or lights, they should be bright and lively.

Place an auspicious plant such as tulsi in the northeast part of your house so that it transforms negative energy into positive energy and keeps happiness around. Plants that radiate negative energy like cactus or dried plants should not be kept in the house because they tend to spoil the built-up vibes in the house and affect the health and relationship matters of the member in the house.

Worshipping places should be cleaned regularly as you place the gods there and they are the source of all positivity in your life. Regular cleaning is a must

If you have financial problems prevailing in your houses he idol of  Lord Kuber should be kept in the north direction of the house

Lord Ganesha’s idol should be facing towards the main entrance of the house to invite more positive and favorable opportunities open life

Remove empty frames and non-working clocks from the walls, they don’t reflect good symptoms and bring in bad thoughts.

Regular cleaning and dusting off the places and corners of the house are the most primary and important thing to live a sustainable life.

Place wind chimes and positive wall Harding’s in the bedroom to soothe the tensions and disrupting fights prevailing in the life of the individuals living.

Avoid using pictures of sunsets or gloomy drawings upon them all As they always reprint loss of wealth or low energy.

The best place to study is on the east or north of the room and make sure you have a bright lamp at the southeast corner of the table to energize the magnitude of luck in academics.

Never keep leaky taps or faucets unattended as they constantly give out the intention of financial loss. 

The main motive of Vastu shastra is to place your element in life that you use every day in perspective and that the positive and negative energies are dealt with ideally. Vastu majorly takes care of eliminating all the unfavorable energy that has been developed inside of the house. It depends on the people living in the house how they keep their home according to the heir taste and preference but being aquatinted with the possible facts of removing negative energy and bring in more positivity by shifting a few things, places and the construction of the rooms can bring in all that you desire, peace, calm, finances, and academic prosperity then going by these tips will do no harm and it will be beneficial in all aspects.

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