Vastu is an ancient practice that helps in planning the architecture of our homes. This will result in a happy home, made according to old age norms.

The rules of the Vastu are mentioned in Vedas. Following these rules will give you peace, progress, and prosperity in your life.

Evaluation of Land:

This is the first and the most important step in building your home. The evaluation of the soil, fertility and the surrounding area will determine how lucky that particular place will be for you.

Someone who is experienced enough in this field will know about the land’s energy as soon as he/she steps on it. however, certain tests should be done on that particular piece of land.

These tests should be done before buying the land in order to save money if the place is not good according to your Vastu. 

The direction of Land:

The direction of land is another important aspect to be considered while buying a piece of land. The land’s shape is an important factor to be kept in mind.

Normal shapes like square and rectangular should be preferred over any other. A plot that is in between two plots is not a very idle choice to buy as you might face poverty.

Materials for Construction:

The materials that you buy in order to build your homes should be new ones. Old materials like woods, brick, or soil generally give out negative energy and hence should be thrown away as soon as possible.

Sources of Water:

Any sort of water resource will be good if facing in the North-East direction. But for further clarity, you can consult a proper Vastu astrologer too. 

The under-water and overhead tanks too should be constructed in the proper way. If the tanks or water resources are made in a negative way then you can encounter with losses in health, wealth, face anxiety, and stress.

The under-water tank is advised to be facing North-East, while the over-head ones should face South-West as this will bring wealth to the owner. 

Interior of the House:

The direction of all the rooms inside a house should also be considered while building a house according to Vastu. Now, the idle direction for the living room is East, the main bedroom is South-West, the study room is North, the kid’s room in the West while the kitchen is South-East.

However, remember that the study room in the study table should be placed in such a way that the person sitting on the table and working should face in the North direction or East direction. 

All the mirrors are supposed to be hanged on North walls or even Eastern ones. Items of decoration should be placed in a similar way too.

Doors connecting all the rooms should not be in a straight line and should not lead people from one room to another.

Door to the Entrance:

This is the main gate while entering the house and hence is a pretty important one. This one should be bigger and stronger than other gates.

The main gate is preferred to have two doors and avoid to build it with any direct wall in front of it. make sure that you keep the area around the entrance gate pretty clean and not messy since positive energy flows throw here.

Decorate the gate with all the positive things like signs and symbols. Try not to put anything negative on this door. 

Puja Room:

The best position for this room can be North-East or East and other places need to be avoided as they are considered to be inauspicious.

Try to keep the North-East part of the house clean even if there is no puja room and prefer not to build any toilet there. Now, the placing of the idols should be considered too. 

If their feet come to the level of our chest when we sit then it is the perfect placement. The size of idols should be between 10 ft and 3ft.


The room facing in the South-West direction is the one where master-bedroom should be located. This is the place where married couples can rest. However, remember not to give this room to anyone who isn’t married as this will reduce their chances of marriage.

Mirrors in the bedroom should be a places anywhere but in front of the bed. Try not to sit under the beam. Also, girls can be given rooms located in the North-West and boys in the South. 

Therefore, here are some rules of Vastu which you can follow while building your own house.