In an ancient Indian era, Vastu Shastra has been said to deal with the arranging of the 5 important elements – earth, wind, water, fire, and sky – in order to create harmony for a balanced environment entering into our homes. It also indicates the exact direction where a room or an element should have its location. Meanwhile, the modern era has a little different meaning attached to the houses. The owners of their homes don't possess much control over the fact were designing or doing the modification to the house is concerned.

There are various facets of Vasu Shastra that need to be taken into consideration. With these tactics and hacks, you can see the change within yourself. All you have to do is get a compass on your own for the identification of directions.

South-east direction for family relations

A family is a union of many pure souls. The direction in the house is bound to impact the relations between the family members. In order to avoid any unwanted spats, the direction which is most favorable is south-east as it entails a certain impact on the family's relationships. Make sure you decorate the specific area with photographs having family members in it. In addition to that, any accessory or an ornament painted with colors such as golds or bronze and yellow with a pint of brights in it would work wonders. 

The entrance of the house

Every house must have a great and optimistic entrance. An ambiance of the house can be foretold by its entrance. It is said that the entrance must look appealing to the eyes and ooze positive vibes. In case, the wall is directed towards the entrance door, make sure you

embellish it with a promising frame or an idol statue of a God understood in your best language.

Social interactions in the East

The east direction looks very favorable in terms of social interactions. You will see the surge in the relations in a high and optimistic manner. At times, your friendship can be determined by turmoils that you often dismay. With the aid of knowing the perfect direction in order to interact, its' advisable that the placement of the couch or the chairs where your friends sit are in the east direction. You can even place the image of the sun rising in the east for the betterment of social interactions.

East for children's focus 

The direction of the east is very beneficial for the children as well. It helps them to focus on their studies and persuade them to study well. Placing your children's desks in the east direction seems very favorable and has been deemed as a good direction for your children's intellectual levels.

South to increase wealth

The direction of the south has been well known for its direct association with the word health. Astrologers suggest if you place images of galloping horses that are engaged in vibrant colors like steamy reds and all kinds of reds in terms of this sphere, will promise a stable money flow in your house. The proper direction of wealth is a favorable element in life.

Lighted rooms

It's a well known saying that having well-lit bedrooms is a sign of harmony in the atmosphere of the house. Make sure you religiously avoid painting your house in dark colors, especially when it comes to the rooms of your house (bedrooms). Walls are a very important part of the house, it's colors add depth to the entire house. To avoid having a negative impact on the house's ambiance, stay away from dark colors.

Kitchen and its peculiar design

The most crucial part of your house is the area where the food is cooked and served. Your house is nothing without the kitchen. It plays an important role which underlines major relationships pertaining to the family. The kitchen is a very pure place as it has direct contact with water and fire. In order to have a balance of harmony in the house and the environment, make sure that the sink basin and the stove in the kitchen are positioned far from one another.

The northeast direction is favorable for meditation

Meditation is one of the most important parts of life. In order to gain spiritual status in life, one needs to attend to their meditating needs. The direction of the northeast comes favorable for both the growth of mental needs and spiritual needs. You need to spot this peculiar direction directed inside your house while you tend to make a tiny sphere of your own where one may have space and their zone to meditate daily. Two main elements required for meditation is a yoga mat or a flat cushion for the floor.

Refreshing your bathrooms

Ever wonder which part of your house has the most negative energy? It is the area where you eliminate wastes from your internal system. The bathroom has been deemed as the most negative space of the house. In case you crave for these energies to go away, make sure you position plants or candles that give off aroma with light. Keep your bathrooms clean, tidy, and dry as it is as known as the incubator of bacteria and various diseases if kept in a dirty condition. It's crucial to have a bathroom slipper just outside the door of your bathroom. Make sure you keep those slippers on the proper synthetic bathroom mat. Don't make the mat wet. In addition to that, refrain from placing shower gels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc in the bathroom.

Most bacteria are known to cover the bathroom floor, it spreads quickly in the air. Wear your slippers and refrain from touching the toilet seat with your bare hands, sanitize your hands, wear your gloves as an important step for hygiene.

Keep the house neat, clean, and tidy!

The first and foremost rule of the house is to keep it neat, clean, and tidy. If you have pets roaming around in the house and dropping poops, have your caretaker clean and sanitize the entire house.