Various Facts About Gemini

Various Facts About Gemini


Gemini is the third astrological sign in the sidereal Zodiac list. In the zodiac wheel positioning it is from 130 to 160 degrees. The transition of the sun on the constellation boundary is from May 21 to June 21 of the year. The ruling planet influencing the predictions of the sun-sign is Mercury whereas the element balancing the personality is Air. The unique characteristics of the zodiac is that it is represented by two entities Castor and Pollux who were twins also known as Dioscuri. This frames a lot of characteristics among Gemini making them have two personality one witnessed by the crowd and one kept to themselves.



Though Gemini is a zodiac with dual personality one that is portrayed to the world and there is surely some traits that they hide from the social crowd. Yet Gemini has many positive traits that is influential to themselves and every individual they meet. Geminis are intellectual to the core, very intelligent and clever. They give most of their energy and concentration to their professional field directing their mind towards their goal. These individuals are extremely open-hearted and have a positive approach to every fact of life. They also enjoy small talks yet deep conversations with expressing themselves.



Gemini is very inconsistent and fickle with their personality. This changeable character of this individual can sometimes push close people away from their personal life. This can also bud some doubt among the co-workers this zodiac works along with as they might find it difficult to the trust the person because of the negative fact. They also tend to involve themselves in every issue which can be considered intruding for some people or downright rude for certain other individuals. Gemini is highly advised to maintain personal space and not indulge much.



Gemini woman has a fabulous mind which they implement in the work field and leave every co-worker in surprise and very influenced by their work. Their intellect is never stuck in one subject but flowing from one agenda to another always creating an impact. They believe in working in speed so that they can accomplish many goals at once. The sole fact that Gemini woman believes they cannot be put in a box helps the individual born under the zodiac to comprehend every situation before giving a responsible judgement. They shift perspectives but they will also be rigid to their principles.



Gemini does have the personality of being involved in everyone’s business but they particularly keep themselves away from the conflict in anyone’s life. They will generally walk away from any situation before they get heated, they might have an unmatched intellect but this zodiac will not consider using that on every individual. Mostly because they don’t like their indulgence in petty insignificant drama as they always look at the bigger picture and doesn’t admit the requirement of wasting thoughts and energy on these facts.

Gemini is surely intellectual with a hint of practicality but once they end the search for their significant other who they openly feel about they will be the most loyal partners and this personality doesn’t constrain to partners but also friends. Gemini people believe in being a lifetime ally. They will always stick to their partner or friends through every thick and thin and sometimes people who associate themselves with this zodiac might also need the responsible and intelligent advise of the individual. It is no mysterious fact that Gemini is very picky when it comes to selecting companion but one can trust that once they do it is final.



Gemini doesn’t like to be controlled by anyone. They are fond and very much require their independence to think clearly as their intellect cannot function properly with the constant interference of other’s advice. Gemini may also voice their annoyance if interrupted continuously.

Geminis are very friendly and social individual and they can make friends in educational centre and even workspace very easily. They might also have a personal space within themselves which they will keep intact but it is surely factual that they help their friends when needed.

Gemini always has their emotion close and people don’t need to do much to hamper with the individual’s sensitive switch. They can surely be made happy very easily but at the same time, it doesn’t take much for a Gemini to be angry about something and share their annoyance towards that particular idea.

Gemini has the worse mood swings. One second they could be completely fine and happy and the next moment they could be seen throwing a fit on someone. Experts believe this to be the dual personality that is working behind their behaviour. The small mishap in facts can also irritate the zodiac.