Vaastu Shastra or, let us say simply Vastu, is one of the oldest practices which is practiced by most of the people. Its origins can be found in Vedic astrology and the people who follow it are the ones who believe in Vedic traditions and astrology. The ancient architectural style was made based on Vaastu shastra only to maintain several things such as peace and harmony, positive energy, money flow, and so on. Every corner of the room is based on the Vaastu shastra or we can say, requires Vaastu Shastra, according to the Vedic astrological terms. Therefore, this ancient infrastructural method is very important for every person while making his or her house. 

Well, we think a lot about things such as the corner’s positions, the room’s direction, which thing to buy for Vaastu, which thing to not buy according to Vaastu and so on. However, one thing which we forget is our personal well being or our child’s well being. We just consider that if we keep the house’s position and the things present in the house at the right position, then that is enough. However, this is not correct. One thing which the people miss is to maintain their working positions as well, along with all the other things mentioned or present in the Vastu shastra. 

Do we know that that the students or you can say your child is in constant stress as well, just as the people who are in stress because of their office working? Well, some will accept the fact that the students are in constant stress due to exams and hectic study schedule whereas some people will not accept it as they will say that the students do not face any type of stress as the study is not stress. Well, there are different points of view regarding this thing. 

However, what we feel is that students are indeed in pressure and anxiety due to which they are not able to utilize their full potential, and then certain issues occur with students as a result such as depression and many other issues. We include each minute detail in our house to make sure that everything is in the right place and there should not be anything that will make things produce negative energy in the house or any other negative impact in house and on its people as a result. However, what we forget is that children should be in a proper direction as well to sure that the maximum amount of positive results flows through the child and helps them to reduce their stress and go through the individual’s mind in the form of positive energy.
There are some points or we can say, there are some points of recommendation for children to help them study in a better the manner by reducing their negativity as well as helping them to reduce their stress and anxiety to know to help them increase their productivity and the results get boost up. Therefore, let us share some points which will help the students to boost up their studies. 


This point is always missed while taking care of the children’s needs and their study schedules. Even though it is a minor point if looked from a simple outlook, but it may act as a big hurdle that will reduce the effectiveness of the study schedule of your child. 

Therefore, you should keep in mind that your child should study in such a room which should face either North or North-East or West direction. The direction of the room is required to help maintain the incoming of the positive energy to help them to concentrate more. The direction plays a vital role in the flow of positive energy and helps in understanding the knowledge of content learned by the child. The knowledge gets absorbed much better when the child is sitting in a room which follows the above direction format. Therefore, the child should be made to study in a room with the above-mentioned directions. 

Also, there are some other factors as well such as the mirror should not be placed in such a way that it reflects the books or the other study material of the child as it increases pressure in the mind of the student. One of the most important things which should be kept in the mind is to make sure that the room should never be dark, i.e., it should always be bright and well lit and should not be constructed under a beam because if the shadow of the child comes under 


There are some things which should be taken care of while your child is studying. This is to make sure that the child should study on such a table that should not stick to the wall. There should be a distance always between the table and the wall to make sure that the child does not gain negative energy while study. Also, some other things are required to make sure that the child does not get negativity in their studies. One such thing is to make sure that the child does not have anything sharp or pointed in their room. Any pointed thing may create negativity in the mind of the people.
The table should be organized in such a manner that the books do not take too much space of the table as there is a lot of issue in taking care of concentration and learning the concepts easily with more productivity. There is one more thing which can improve positivity and the concentration of the child which is decoration. A proper decoration makes sure that the person keeps their mind calm and helps them to concentrate more on the studies. A beautiful decoration helps to keep the mind of the child calm and happy and so the study becomes more fruitful and productive.