Vaastu shastra for Farm house

Vaastu shastra for Farm house

A well-structured house has become an essential necessity for everyone. There’s a sense of belonging in us or the place where we live. It holds our memories and emotions and thus Vishwakarma has given all the essential rules which form the base for constructing the buildings. It is known as the art of Vaastu Shastra. The foundation of Vaastu shastra is that a man builds a house for himself which brings happiness, prosperity, health, and wisdom to the people living there. The importance of Vaastu Shastra has been defined by various saints and scholars time and again and even in this modern world where we have become so technologically advanced, the vitality and significance of Vaastu Shastra haven’t reduced even an inch.

Students in architectural schools are still taught about this art. Before understanding the Vaastu shastra required for farmhouse we need to understand what Vaastu Shastra is in reality.

Understanding the Vaastu Shastra  

Vaastu Shastra is the art that combines the five forces of nature- Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Space. It is said that these elements govern our living style and also influence the major aspects of life like health, wealth, luck, etc.

Vaastu literally means the ‘house’. It has certain principles which lay the foundation of the philosophy of how the architectural theory works. While today we have government rules that which we have to follow while processing out the construction of a house, in the past, Vaastu Shastra is the only rule that our ancestors used while planning the construction of the house.

In Vedic Shastra, we also found the detailed emphasis on Vaastu which validates it rationality. Vaastu is based on directions and directions can not be changed this fact shows the permanency of the concept. It acts a binding force which brings man, material, and nature in one thread.

Vaastu can be used for every piece of structure. Home, temples, shops, offices, malls, schools, cities, principles of Vaastu can be applied anywhere. Vaastu is science and over the years, repeated studies have shown that there’s a strong correlation between the success and Vaastu application. The biggest example of this can be understood with the fact that while the Taj Mahal in Agra is known as the 7th wonder of the earth, the Chandbibi ka Makbara which exactly shares the similar structure is still unknown to many. This is all Vaastu.

Vaastu for Farm house 

People rely heavily on Vaastu and its principles. Many people prefer to live close to nature and thus often visit their farm-house to relax their mind from the hustle-bustle of cities. In last few years, the craze for farmhouse has increased and eventually people have started investing in farmhouse.

While planning out the construction, not only the location, application of Vaastu also plays the role of prime factor. While choosing the land for farmhouse, avoid the land which connects with the road on its southern direction. Many professional Vaastu experts believes that people should choose those plots which have a flat surface for the construction of their farm house and if by any chance, they are going to select a plot which has a slope, then it must be taken into consideration that the slope falls in the North, East or North-east directions. Plots having slopes in the South and South-west directions must be avoided as they are not considered auspicious for the family

Extension of farmhouse land

The extension of property can also be determined with Vaastu. The owner if want to extend the construction site must consider north and eastern side. Extension towards south and west directions is strictly prohibited in the Vaastu principles. The extension in south can bring lot of conflicts and sufferings to the people residing at that place.

Planting in Farmhouse

While we consider that Vaastu is only related to construction and the principles are only applied to the building, it has much wider scope. Even while planting, the person should take various things into consideration. Fruit-bearing plants must not be sown in the northern direction and North-east direction should not have any plant at all except Tulsi. Tulsi plant brings prosperity and must be planted in the house.

Vaastu tips for Farmhouse

1. There should be flow of water in the North-east direction always as it is considered good for mental peace. North east direction is governed  by water element and if your place has good flow in the same direction, it will bring calmness and maintain harmony.

2. One should always buy the land in square or rectangular shape.

3. Trees with good height should find place in the South or West directions.

4. Avoid having any well or water source in the southern direction as it results in untold sufferings and lead to loss of health and wealth.

5. The entrance should be made in the East or North direction.

6. While the Electrical appliances are well suited in the Southeast direction, the Southwest direction is considered perfect for Parking area.

7. Southeast direction is also considered as the best direction for constructing kitchen. The gaming room should found its place in the North or East direction.

8. North-east and east directions are perfect for meditation hall, yoga space and for other sacred activities.

9. Place fish pond or aquarium in the North direction.

10. Animals shelter should be made in the Northwest direction.

11. Avoid purchasing plot with mountains in the North and East direction.

12. To enhance the plot structure, you can install the Brahma Pyramid in the center.

13. The compound wall should be thicker in the South and West direction than that in the North and East directions.