Use Your Life Path Number To Answer The Question-“Why Does My Relationship Not Work ?”

Use Your Life Path Number To Answer The Question-“Why Does My Relationship Not Work ?”

It is common for many people to ask themselves “Why are they not into me?” “What am I doing wrong in each relationship?” ”What am I missing in life?” These are the questions that you may need answers to. In this article, we are here to help you sort out all these questions. Numerology can guide you through all the questions your mind would be asking you.

Numerology has the potential to deep dive into all the niches that can cover your love life. Calculate your path number and find the obstacles that might be in your love life, which is not letting you find the person of your dreams that you deserve.

Life path number 1

You focus on yourself and this could be the reason that your relationship does not sustain. You need to be in charge of the relationship speak more than the happiness your relationship provides you. You get in competition with your partner and rather than working as one unit towards the problem you work against each other. Your insecurities harm the relationship.

Life path number 2

This number is the soul of any relationship. They are the over givers and at times choke your partner instead of letting you grow. You have no stable mind in the relationship and tend to go in any flow that your partner thinks you should go in. You rely on the positive worlds of others and your desperation often does more harm than good to your relationship.

Life path number 3

You are emotionally withholding and do not talk about your feelings. Your partner may interpret this as you hiding something. You need to open up your feelings and let your partner into your heart. You cannot expect others to make all your dreams come true If you do not talk to them about what your dreams are.    

Life path number 4

These are the practical minds of the group. They are not risk-taking and never use grand gestures for declaring their love. At times their partner may feel that they are not invested in the relationship. This is the time that you stop being pragmatic and work on being more romantic. You consider simple gestures over the top so make it a common practice to declare your love in gestures.

Life path number 5

You do not compromise in your relationship at any stage. To walk ahead in your life, both legs need to work together. You expect that only your partner will carry out all the work in your relationship. You need to work on your relationship more so think about what your partner needs for you and work towards it.  

Life path number 6

You have an idealistic view of life and want all the pieces of the puzzle to fall exactly where you want them to be. You have your expectations too high, no nothing ever comes outright. You live in an unrealistic world and the expectations you have can never be completed so you are never happy. Try toning down your expectations once.

Life path number 7

You are indecisive if you want to be in the relationship or not. This dilemma ensures that your partner loses their patience and the relationship is in a jeopardy. You have detached attachment issues which come out in the worst of times. Also, you overanalyze everything in your relationship which doesn’t work right.  

Life path number 8

You consider your relationship as a business deal. You come off as over-controlling at times and your sole focus is on power in the relationship. You keep the status and money in high regard. You keep your emotions as a secondary need in the relationship. The prime center is the status.

Life path number 9 

You are the hopeless romantic of the lot. You are far from reality and wish for a cheesy rom-com from life. You try to be the damsel in distress in all the situations you live and at times this may mean that you are too dependent on your partner.

You know what the issues are and now this is the time you must act upon them. Keep in mind that love is not easy and is open for everyone. So work towards your issues and have patience, love might be just around the corner for you.