Unique Transits – Venus In Leo

Unique Transits – Venus In Leo

The presence of Venus in Leo adds an extra dose of generosity paired with a great nature of demand. Leos, guided by the Venus, can be royal and demanding at the same time.

They are clear of their choices and hold their pride high like a baton, hurting which can cost being removed from their contact permanently. A Venus in Leo sign is that of warmth and radiating energy of love and care.

This will make space for the best of things to come along your way, causing not many hindrances. Love will be a part of utter importance and you will after many disturbed attempts earn them. But, this struggle may be repeated while parting away too since it is the nature of a Venus in Leo to love deeply and be hurt deeply.

The effect this separation will have in the case of those that hurt pride does not need much description, owing to the Leo’s nature. The Venus in Leo provides a space to explore opinions and options and the already pouring in options of several reasons might actually see a rise.

This will help Leo keep a stand on his work and actually employ someone, worthy enough to work on their behalf.


Venus in Leo in love

A Venus in Leo sign is regal and never too nasty or pestering. People associated with Venus in Leo type signs are prone to be the show-off kind, who want to keep their girl on display to make their friends experience jealousy. A Venus in Leo type sign is always involved in relationships that treat them nothing less of royalty.

Explorations, admirations, ceremonies, etc. are supposed involve attention they need. This attention keeps them going on happily together. Until the Leo received enough attention and praise, the Leo partner will be high.

Not giving importance to Leo is similar to leaving the blaze running, apparently causing fire all over. A Venus in Leo type of sign is attracted greatly to people that are full of life and enjoy everything around them.

People with a boring and routine life do not catch the attention of the Venus in Leo sign, as it is something that will turn them off for sure.


Venus in Leo in friendship

A Venus in Leo type of person is the cheerleader everyone secretly wants. They are encouraging and supportive in helping their friends achieve things they badly wanted. They are extremely generous and are always ready to push their boundaries to a greater extent.

The quote, a friend in need is a friend indeed suits them the best. They do not hesitate to make new connections just to support their friends and take them along a new line. Also, things a Venus in Leo sign plans are always the best.

They make great holidaying and party plans which never disappoint. These will involve fun of adult kind and childlike happiness too. If someone ever plans to amuse and make the Venus in Leo sign smile, do remember that they love to be around kids.

The purity in the souls of children attracts their attention faster.


Venus in Leo in career

Career opportunities that make the Venus in Leo stand out as a special one are the best suited for them. They love attention and always look out for situations that grab the limelight. Working on their own and yet not being recognized is something that might not be acceptable to the Venus in Leo sign.

Being on the confident and leadership end, acting in theatre and movies might be a great choice for Venus in Leo signs. Apart from this, the world of fashion designing where each earns a respect and signature style of their own kind would be suiting greatly for the Venus in Leo sign.

 Among all these positive traits, there is a mild cloud of arrogance and sensitivity in the Venus in Leo sign. Steer clear this cloud of mist filled with arrogance and the world is yours.