Unfold the Magnificent Secrets of Shani

Unfold the Magnificent Secrets of Shani


Astronomically speaking Saturn is the 9th planet of the solar system with the highest number of its own natural satellite or moon. It is the second-largest planet after Jupiter and by far the planet with the lowest speed. The uniqueness that Saturn holds is the marvelous ring in possess that consists of the rocks and meteors in its atmosphere and it is the only planet with a noticeable ring because of the atmospheric field’s pull that holds the rocks together. But this just comprises of the scientific definition of Saturn the astrological explanation of Shani described in the Vedas have depth attached to it.





According to Vedic astrology god Shani one that resemblance Saturn can also be coined as the god of karma he is known for always providing a set pattern of punishment by giving them what they deserve based on their wrongdoings in their lifetime. That is why no matter how malefic its desires are it is always considered a planet of justice. Shani is also described as the most influential and powerful planet of all time and it is believed that once in an individual’s lifetime they are going to get struck by the dominant nature of Saturn. Though the results of Shani on an individual depends on the good and bad deeds there are certain readings and studies that determine whether the effects are going to be negative or positive. If Saturn is deliberated in an ill place in the natal chart it generally possesses a pessimistic consequence, this in Vedic astrology is called Shani dosha, dosha translated in English is called a mistake.

Shani with the conjunction of Rahu, Sun, and Mars can also bring adversity. When latched with a Shani dosha the aspects that are likely to be affected are as follows





Firstly Saturn can disturb the mental stability of a person making them restless and impulsive towards any decision they make. Saturn brings a lot of misfortune along so coping up with the stress of the constant bad energy can make the individual fall into major depression. If a person is already under the influence of some sought of substance like alcohol, cigarette or other smoking components, in a worst-case scenario even drugs the detrimental effect of the ring planet can lead to severe addiction to such substance. Some planets are even individually affected by certain readings, for example when Saturn works under the sun it can harm Venus which is allocated to the two zodiac signs Libra and Tauras. So personas belonging to these zodiacs should be extra cautious when the astrological experts predict a hint of Saturn’s arrival in the chart. Other than these factors the other components that also may alter the effects of Saturn are in which house it is intruding because every house has separate consequences. The houses like 2nd, 7th 10th and 11th house which denotes monetary factors, marriage and relationships, career and long term goals and social reputation and friends, respectively will have a very positive outcome when it comes to being under Saturn’s domination. While houses like 4th, 5th and especially the 8th house will have a fair downfall in the influence of Saturn.




Though mortals have always been in the deep fear of Shani since the beginning of time there is no denying that Shani is not all inauspicious and the effects may differ from person to person. As mentioned in the previous paragraph there are certain houses that will result in an optimistic outcome under Saturn. In addition to that the other positive outcomes include when talking about the initial stage of a birth chart Shani will bring benevolent importance to people born under the zodiac sign of Tauras, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius. When Saturn latches on someone it becomes very difficult for them to aspire in the workspace but on the contradictory, it can push that individual work even harder and when it pays off its worth the effort as said in the Vedas that every being in this universe brings good and bad and it depends on the individual what they see, will they allow themselves to be blinded by the shadow of good or will be looking beyond towards the light at the end of the tunnel.