Understanding the concept of Kundali matching in the modern world.

Understanding the concept of Kundali matching in the modern world.

Deciding your soulmate based on their horoscope? How? 

Kundali matching is a ritual practiced for many years in Indian Hindu families to determine the stability of the marriage between the prospective groom and bride.  

As we are aware astrology predictions are made based on the alignment of stars and planets and how this alignment reflects in a person's moods, personality, etc. 

Kundali matching is just predicting if the two people having their certain individual qualities will be ideal to be together or not by looking over at their birth charts. 

Kundali matching is judged by an important factor of “guna milan” which is testing of the pair’s properties by certain calculations which can tell how strong the couple’s bond is going to be. 

There are a total of 36 gunas(properties) out of which for a fruitful marriage it is believed to have 18 plus gunas, the higher the number the higher the compatibility, and if the number falls below 18 it is a pair that is not approved by Vedic astrology and such a marriage shouldn’t be considered.

A number below 18 suggests that the planets in horoscopes of both the individuals are clashing. This has been a commonly used method to determine the faith of the marriage in Indian families and moreover in arranged marriages as in arranged marriages the two individuals or families are acquaintances and determining of personalities or compatibility of nature’s becomes difficult to analyze hence this tool is considered effective and important. 


But does Kundali matching really work? 

It is believed that it is better to know the gist of a person's nature who you are planning to spend your entire life with. Based on the star alignment astrology can tell about a person's various factors like mood, personality, characters, etc and kundali matching means running calculations over these factors of different individuals and bringing a score on the table based on these calculations.

It is believed to work for a huge number of pairs however it does not confirm anything, a fair share of couples have ended up getting separated even after having a good compatibility score, and some couples whose score is lesser than expected still live happy married lives.  

Sometimes everything looks perfect from the outside but the marriage doesn’t work out as the stars are not aligned for the pair and sometimes there’s a good score for couples as per astrology but nothing seems to work out as factors like willingness, liking, attraction, personal choice, etc also come in the picture.  


How well is it accepted in the modern world? 

This is every person’s query when planning to perform this activity especially current generations thinking and views do not go hand in hand with this age-old technique, today most people don’t believe that some chart or planet alignment can predict their strength of a bond. Today’s generation will raise questions asking what guarantee can guna milan do points that it is solely sufficient for a union of two people after all in the end of the day it is just a prediction. 

Many couples today are opting for love marriages over a partner chosen by their parents and such couples avoid believing in such practices as in some cases it might come out to be negative so they avoid believing in it.  

In conclusion, Kundali matching is an old school practice to judge a couple’s compatibility and life post marriage, from our parents to their ancestors everyone has considered Kundali matching a crucial factor when fixating on the marriage of a pair however today’s generation does not seem to digest this practise easily as with time even mindsets of people have evolved and couples are moving to practical approaches over believing on star alignment however in modern days people should also understand if something like this was considered in being key factors to marriage it surely will have some weight to it.  

Just so this traditional practise doesn’t lose its importance and value, newer ways of this matchmaking are introduced, many websites now offer online kundali matching options so today’s youth can perform this activity with just a few clicks. 

Various match-making apps are available in the market too which just require a few basic details from your birth chart and let you know your compatibility with your other half in a matter of seconds. 

Whether or not the source of these new methods is genuine is questionable but at least the newer generation is tending to accept these traditional practices with help of it.