A Capricorn woman is someone who is alluring yet mysterious, a complete puzzle. She tends to hide her emotions and is extremely realistic by nature, to the brink that she actually starts thinking quite negatively. Being a Capricorn woman, she is naturally responsible and has a flair to be a natural leader. Moreover, she tends to even lead while and thinks like a leader as well. Because of this, she also has an extremely hard time trying to show her emotions and explain how she feels. In fact, she may even have a mini mental breakdown, and in the next minute you will find her working and getting through the day as though nothing happened.

A Capricorn woman prepares herself for the worst case scenario.

A Capricorn is always ready for the worst case scenario available because she is, by nature, extremely cynical and realistic when it comes to life. She does not leave anything to luck or hope, and goes for what she wants. She does not leave any topic or discussion open to doubt, and is precise, honest and crystal clear when she makes a point, and is completely straightforward in her approach to life as well. Nothing can phase her or surprise her, because a Capricorn woman learns from experience and her previous mistakes in life because of which she is extremely self reliant.

The Capricorn woman takes shit from no one and is very ambitious by nature.

You have not seen ambition until you have seen a Capricorn woman go for her goals and what she wants. They are people who will strive towards their goal, no matter how many times they fail because they need to get past that goal. For them, they believe and know for a fact that only hard work can get them to places and without constant hard work and going for what they want, they are completely off their track and are just waiting to be spoon fed opportunities which is something a Capricorn woman cannot just stand and bear. She has to get whatever she achieves through her own hard work, sweat and energy because otherwise she just feels as though everything to her was given to her just like that and not because of her skillset and talent.

The Capricorn woman has a very direct and an assertive approach towards life.

A Capricorn woman always has a very assertive and direct approach towards life, if she wants something, she will have to go for it, and the fact that she has to do it herself, if someone does it for her, it is not the same thing and she has to get things done her way. She is a visionary, and she needs her vision to be executed the same way she has visualized it, and no one else but she can get that done. That is one of the main reasons why a Capricorn woman tends to do all the things by herself, and the exact way it is done. Apart from that, you will never, ever find a Capricorn woman beating around the bush or just hiding away things, or more importantly, taking the short and deceitful way to success. You will always find her take the most honest, most direct and assertive path no matter how difficult it will be for her in her life and how it will affect her. A Capricorn woman does not mince her words or does not hide the motive of her actions, she makes it very clear on why is she here and what does she want from you.

A Capricorn woman is one of a kind, because she makes sure that her circle is small and she knows for a fact that she can fall back on any one from that circle. Like always, she is extremely dependable and her work ethic is spot on, so much that people actually admire her for her dedication and diligence. She also enjoys spending time with her partner, but for her, her work will always be her number one priority and after that will be anything else for her, because she loves working and would not change it for anything else.