Understand Rahu Kala and Rahu Kalam Chart to Avoid Obstacles in Life

Understand Rahu Kala and Rahu Kalam Chart to Avoid Obstacles in Life

What is Rahu Kala?

In the Vedic Astrology, Rahu Kala or RahuKalam is often cited as the time period of Rahu time that transpires every day. The term Rahukalam originates from two Sanskrit words, Rahu - an astrological planet and Kalam meaning - ‘time.’ The particular time period is said to be quite an inauspicious time for any new beginning or venture and it usually lasts for about an hour and a half. These time segments happen 8 times during a day, starting from sunrise till sunset.  The time segments for locations as well as days vary as the sunrise and sunset keep on changing every day, throughout the year.

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What is Rahu Kalam Chart?

Rahu interferes with the good nature of other planetary bodies because of its malefic nature and therefore hinders in achieving goals, desired results by creating obstacles for the individual. Consequently, the Rahu Kalam Chart should be taken into consideration before starting a new venture or any new beginning. The Rahu Kalam Chart is mostly followed by people belonging to Kerala or Tamil Nadu but with the changing time and beliefs of people, gradually the understanding of Rahu  Kala is spreading.

To calculate the Rahu Kala, the time between the sunrise and sunset of a day is divided into 8 segments having a duration of one and a half hours every day during the week. For each weekday the following Rahu Kalam The chart is followed:

· Monday - 2nd Muhurat

· Tuesday - 7th Muhurat

· Wednesday - 5th Muhurat

· Thursday - 6th Muhurat

· Friday - 4th Muhurat

· Saturday - 3rd Muhurat

· Sunday - 8th Muhurat

When the accurate Rahu Kala time is not available, the following Rahu Kalam Chart can be followed but the accuracy is apt only if the sunrise occurs at 6 a.m. and daylight remains for a time of 12 hours.

Monday - 7:30am-9 am

Tuseday - 15:00pm-16:30 pm

Wednesday - 12:00pm-13:30pm

Thursday - 13:30pm-15:00pm

Friday - 10:30am-12:00pm

Saturday - 9:00am-10:30am

Sunday - 16:30pm-18:00pm

These times may vary, additionally, for longer and shorter days the time should be adjusted accordingly.

Malefic Effects of Rahu Kalam

When you perform special events like a wedding, a new business venture, marriage rituals, Grah Pravesh, etc. it might end up being uneventful and inauspicious for the person and the related members of the particular events. The individual will experience the following:

1.    An unexpected delay

2.    Failures

3.    Obstacles

4.    Sudden postponing of the event

Experiencing negative energies and effects are end fixed result, therefore it is a must to plan the important events and activities keeping in mind the Rahu Kala and keeping a check on the Rahu Kala Chart.

Remedies to Cure malefic effects of Rahu Kala:

Light a lamp with a lemon cut into two equal halves to avoid any delay in marriage or the conceiving process that might have occurred due to the presence of Rahu Dosha in the kundali of the person.

Wear the Gomed or Hessonite gemstone for Rahu to gradually reduce the malefic effects of Rahu Kala.

Chanting the Rahu mantra also helps in nullifying the negative effect of Rahu Kala.

Performing puja or hawan will also benefit and bring positive energies in one’s life to overcome any obstacle.


Rahu Kala is a specific time period of the day when any special event should not take place as it will always result in getting backfired, postponed, or stopped. There is Rahu Kalam Chart that can be followed to avoid any such obstacle or hindrance in the auspicious events. Follow remedies to avoid and transform negative energies into positive energies.