Uncovering what a Birth chart uncovers

Uncovering what a Birth chart uncovers

A birth chart, also termed as a natal chart, is a map indicating towards the positions of the planets at the time of an individual’s birth. It is the chart that comes with a detailed guide explaining why you are the way you are. From explaining any weird quirks to explaining the best of qualities, the birth chart is also able to explain emotions, motives, desires, behaviour and also predicts the future. 

This chart never changes throughout the entire life of a person. As the position of the planets during the birth time is drawn on this map, the chart remains constant and this makes predicting the future easier.

What is needed for the formation of a birth chart?

To create a proper birth or natal chart, the astrologers need the birth date and birthplace with the exact time of birth. Of all the details, the birth date is the most important of them all. Secondly, birthplace only keeps relevance to check the correct time zone of the place and to see if daylight was involved during the birth and thus would influence the process of calculations of the birth chart. The birth time can be a tricky one. It needs to be as close to the exact time as possible. Most people don’t even have a birth time, let alone have a precise one. Under such circumstances, astrologers create the chart based on the birth date, but the accuracy level often falters because of the lack of information. 

What does it reveal?

Our birth chart can reveal many details to us about our strengths, weaknesses, personal relationships, professional benchmarks, etc. 

Every person’s birth chart is unique, and just like our DNA doesn’t match with anybody else’s, our birth chart doesn’t either. From a person’s birth chart, a lot can be uncovered about an individual, making life a whole lot easier to live with all the needed preparations made. 

It discloses several of essential information about various aspects, some of which are mentioned below. 

The best career for you. 

A birth chart comprises of all the qualities that you possess, along with your strengths and weaknesses. It almost knows you better than yourself and is thus great at making the right suggestions. It can inform you about which career would suit best for your personality type. It can illuminate the perfect road one should take to reach towards success in their professional life. The birth chart reduces our stress and makes deciding easier. 

Strength and weaknesses. 

Knowing both of this can help you know and accept your individuality while also forcing us to make correct changes to become the best version of ourselves. This detailed information within a birth chart is not to make us feel proud or have lowered self-esteem but to be able to know where we need to grow and what traits we can put to good use. 

Reveals your three signs. 

Most people go by the zodiac sign by their birth month, known as the Sun sign of an individual. This becomes redundant because how can we match with millions of people born in the same month as us, where does our individuality go then? A birth chart, with the help of accurate birth time, makes us aware of our moon sign as well as our rising or ascendant sign. Sun sign is the person we present ourselves to be, it is our external personality. Moon sign is our intellectual and hidden aspect. While rising sign represents a person’s social personality. A person is never just one, but a mixture of all these three. 

Adventures of life.

The birth chart reveals what sorts of adventures are written in your life. It provides you with a glimpse or an insight into how your experience at earth is going to be like. All the information is essential for us to be well prepared for the future and also open-minded to retain what lessons are on the way.