Astrology is one of the most debated topics of all ages. Most people usually speak on either side when this topic is taken into consideration. Still, there will be a tiny percentage of people who strike astrology as a fanciful recreation.

Now let discover how astrology has been useful in earlier days.


Earlier astrology stood as a prophetic tool for diagnosing the happenings of events in a person's life. Early the astrologers owned an extraordinary position in king's court. They helped the rulers by predicting the outcomes of an issue related to the kingdom or other kingdoms. They predicted the results forehand, and thus they assisted the sovereigns of the past in driving correctly. The astrologers generally create a horoscope based on the time, attitudinal, and longitudinal readings noted during the birth of an individual. Thus this chart would ultimately help the individual in knowing his future. 


When a person is stuck at the crossroad, then he will generally consult others for the better option. Now to save himself from further hardships, he would meet an astrologer believing in finding a better solution for all his problems. The beauty of astrology is that it helps people in their hard times and brings light in their lives by showing them the right path to walk on. However, an individual can get the best solution for his problems from different types of astrology. Medical astrology is one of the most popular branches of astrology. This is because it ultimately deals with the health issues of an individual. The birth of a child or any health conditions can be found from the Medical astrology. The other items, like marriage, financial matters, can also be seen from the astrology. This astrology stands for problem-solving and provides an appropriate solution for every problem. 


Astrology played a significant role in past times. This is because of the officials of the court who would usually follow astrology for starting a new thing. This would include joining in the court, buying a unique item or any modern house, etc. These days also astrology is used for various purposes. One of them is to decide a suitable time for occasions in which an individual might take up a new job, or their kids are to be joined into school, or any house warming, etc. Taking a new responsibility is also one of the things that need to be included in this category. However, individuals consult some astrologers before going for a new idea, as mentioned earlier.


In general, astrology is widely used for matching horoscopes. Many astrologers dedicate their whole life in learning this art and spend most of their life in matching the horoscopes. They eventually give their valuable suggestions in the case of arranged marriages. They deeply search for all parameters and make sure the couple would live happily forever without any disturbances in their marriage life.


Astrology speaks about the complete past, present, and future of an individual. Thus this helps an astrologer in understanding himself much better. Assuming oneself would make him aware of his strengths and skill set. Once the astrologer comes to know about his endurance, then he would bring his hidden potentials out this, doing wonders around him. This astrology not only helps other people but helps oneself.


We are coming to the truthness of astrology. We have Timing, Standardisation, and Interpretation under it. 


Astrology deals entirely with the time of the birth of an individual. Now, if the time of the delivery of an individual is found wrong, then the resulted horoscope with the wrong time gives different results. Therefore, the initial step is to make sure the given time of the birth of the individual given is right or not. Once it is done, then the astrologers would proceed further to their reading of the horoscope.


The astrology has not given any prescribed rules and regulations while studying the charts. The families of various astrologers pass their unique knowledge of reading these charts to their next generations. However, these are not available for scrutiny. 


There are various ways in which astrologers can interpret the chart. However, they firmly believe that the analysis of the chart depends on the merit levels of the astrologer. The astrologer becomes fast in understanding when he or she has a handsome experience in the interpretation of graphs.

Thus astrology assisted the ancients in various ways. It has become a part of their daily life. However, one can also correlate the above-said point to present society. This is because, being the next generation of our ancients, we have learned the principles of astrology from them. Therefore, we can confess that we are living life, which is a replica of our forefathers. This astrology has been useful for our ancestors in many means which speaks about its truthiness in the past world.