Truth Behind The Universe Numbers

Truth Behind The Universe Numbers

The creator is a master and creator of numbers. At first, he worked out the numbers based on which the cosmos was architected.

Our earth, being the part of the cosmos, is based on numbers. They are key to human behavior.

All occult sciences are based on numbers, like astrology Vastu etc. In astrology, there are 9 planets, their degrees,12 houses, longitudes, latitudes, etc.

Three numbers are very important for a person if you understand these three numbers, life becomes easy and you understand your life.

These numbers are your psychic number, destiny number, and nàme number. You can relate your to numbers with others and understand your relationship with them. All the numbers are the same and no number is superior. None is good or bad. They work differently through each person depending on the genetic behavioral pattern. They can not be categorized.

Numerology is a method of linking microcosm with macrocosm. All material world objects are related to the nine planets.

  1. Sun
  2. Moon
  3.  Jupiter
  4. Dragon head Rahu
  5. Mercury
  6. Venus
  7. Dragon tail Ketu
  8. Saturn
  9. Mars

Each number has its character, features relationship with other numbers, day, etc.

Numerology is very simple and does not require complicated calculations like other predictive science as astrology. In fact, for astrology to work, time of birth is very important, besides the place of birth. In numerology, only date of the month a person is born, numerological value of his or her popular name and persons total birth information ie date month year.

Numbers can be categorized into two basic

Groups, Odd & Even.

13579 - Odd numbers their total is Odd

2468 -.  Even numbers their total is Even

Odd numbers are solar masculine, electrical, acidic, and dynamic and they can be added. Even numbers are lunar, feminine, magnetic, Alkaline, and static they are subtraction they reduce. In general two odd numbers or two, even numbers are not considered very good. Some numbers are friendly and some are in opposition

Each number has a ruling planet and the relationship of two numbers depends on the relationship between their planets.

1   Sun

Behavioral pattern

King like, kind, disciplined, strong, original


2.  Moon

Behavioral pattern

Queen-like, royal, attractive, delicate, everchanging

3. Jupiter

Behavioral pattern

Spiritual, disciplined, friendly, self-centered


4. Dragon head -Rahu.  

Behavioral pattern.

Impulsive, rebellious, secretive and


5. Mercury.

Behavioral pattern

Princely, entertaining, sensitive, intelligent

6. Venus

Behavioral pattern

Diplomatic, manipulative, sweet spoken,

Slow, sensual

7. Dragon tail - Ketu

Behavioral pattern

Intuitive, inventive, mystical dreamlike

8. Saturn

Behavioral pattern 

Wise, malefic servant-like, laborious, 

Suffering, struggling.

9. Mars

Behavioral pattern

Strong, rough, warlike, doubting, fighting,


The story of Zero

Zero is not a number .it has no numerological value. In the west, it is considered a symbol of eternity zero, was discovered in the East since the dawn of civilization, it is known as Shoonya.