Treatment of Disease Using Reiki and Healthcare



Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice that aims to heal the body and mind of an individual. Also known as energy healing, it tends to restore the natural state of wellness of a person by harnessing the vital force energy responsible for life in the cosmos through gentle touch.

With an effortless, trouble-free technique including profits, Reiki can complement traditional healthcare. Reiki can be used on women in their periods, older people, pregnant women, cancer patients and any patient suffering from any sickness. Patients suffering from major injuries can use Reiki as an alternative which can also remarkably reduce the endured pain. Reiki is undeniably harmless to use with individuals having diabetes, arthritis, epilepsy or heart conditions. Reiki can always be preferred as a natural curative method since it does not have any side-effects known to date. The worst situation in the Reiki procedure could be that the treatment did not produce any substantial effect. However, it is possible to continue the traditional treatment with Reiki sessions together.



Administering Reiki to patients with cancer has a bountiful of benefits. It helps the cancer patient in coping with tough conditions, provides deep relaxation in discomfort associated with the disease and emotional turmoil that comes along, and improves the symptoms and overall well-being of the individual. The rush, multiple check-ups, and scans at the hospital come along with a great amount of fatigue and a low feeling. The attention of the Reiki therapist in a peaceful setting for an hour or more, as required helps the patient relax and cope better with cancer. Though there have been no cases or any scientific evidence of Reiki curing cancer, it certainly does provide comfort and reduce a considerable amount of pain in the successive stages of cancer. Reiki can be performed on a patient undergoing chemotherapy and has no known or proven side-effects to date.

Reiki is not a substitute for treating cancer, it is a complementary treatment for providing support and enhancing conventional treatment techniques. It controls and reduces the side-effects of chemotherapy, the profound pain, stress, and anxiety. Science has proven the fact that the mind and the body are interlinked, thus, both need to be at peace in order to fight cancer. Although Reiki does not in itself cure cancer, it surely prevents it by strengthening the body and mind, improving the immunity and overall physical and mental health of an individual.



An autoimmune disorder is a condition in which the natural defenses of the body turn against itself and attacks the healthy cells and tissues. It is a condition where the body and its immune system are weakened and the situation can be chronic, though not fatal. Several examples of such ailments include rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes mellitus, lupus, Psoriasis, and so on. These illnesses affect people of diverse backgrounds and include dealing with a substantial amount of pain on a daily basis, hampering normal activities. Reiki sessions given to individuals suffering from autoimmune disorders reduce pain significantly, enhances the immune system, and permits motion. It boosts the ability of the body to heal and fight against infections, be it bacteria or viruses. Although Reiki does not cure such disorders, it improves the effects of the medications and allows the patient to resume normal activities.



Reiki has known to cure cases of depression and anxiety-related issues as it removes all the negative stagnated energy and instills sanguine feelings in the individual. The practice improves blood pressure so it is recommended to patients experiencing high or low blood pressure levels. Reiki treatment has known to provide relief in ailments like cancer, heart disease, chronic pain, infertility, neurodegenerative disorders, autism, Crohn's disease, and fatigue syndromes. Reiki does not in itself cure these chronic diseases but it definitely improves the overall condition of a patient and relieves the pain associated with it. Clubbing Reiki with traditional healthcare has reaped numerous benefits, proven as a boon in the treatment and if treatable, has even cured an individual.

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