Travel Destinations of Each Zodiac Sign

The happiness of travelling is not the destination itself but also it also comes from the beautiful journey as scripted by many eminent writers in their own way of style and experience.

A beautiful scenery itself is a peace to the soul and every human being has their own way and pattern of travelling. Who doesn’t like travelling after all?

Now comes the Zodiac Signs. Each Zodiac has its own leisure and comfort for travelling. Some tend to choose hills to enjoy the fresh Tea and go trekking to the Himalayas whereas some feel to surf and compete along with the waves, at the shore of Playa Grande, Costa Rico.

Let’s dive more into what the Zodiacs have a say over their own favourite destinations.


Being one of the most exciting and adventurous amongst the Zodiacs, Aries invest their energy into some experiences that have to be challenging in literal terms. They can go from river rafting to bungee jumping, anywhere that makes them feel alive. They love driving throughout the journey. That makes them feel great.

Exotic destination: Australia, Hong Kong, Argentina, Mongolia.



Sensual and charismatic traits of Taurus makes this Zodiac more inclined to a journey, place or destination. They take a proper grip of planning before the start of the journey itself. Research is what they do. They are independent in their own terms and prefer a dewy evening with coffee viewing the majestic Himalaya.

Exotic destination: Malaysia, Italy, Taiwan, Spain.



Twins of the Zodiac Gemini loves the homely surrounding when it comes to travelling. They can almost bear anything in their journey. They cannot stick around a place for more than a day or two. Old places attract this zodiac a lot.

Exotic destination: Detroit, Prague, Jerusalem, Seattle.



Give them sea and you would see these Crabs running towards it for life. Cancer, being the water sign, finds seashore to be their favourite place of destination. Being full of emotions, these Zodiacs get driven towards the same destination again and again. But they have a chance of getting bored too soon after the stay.

Exotic destinations: South Carolina, New Orleans, Tibet, Peru.



Leo is a lover of royalty and travelling when it comes amongst the Zodiac Signs. They can be walking through the dunes of Sahara or climbing the mountains of the Himalayas. They can do all of them when it comes to travelling. Music and the trips are what this Lion can roar for.

Exotic destinations: Las Vegas, San Diego, Brazil.



Virgo being a little conscious about everything makes it definite to carry on the journey without haste. While travelling with a Virgo, there is nothing you ask from their bag and Voila! They pull it out. They can be a good company to travel along.

Exotic destinations: Bali, Africa, Kenya, Galapagos Islands.



Libras prefer to make the best out of the trip. They do not tire themselves much by walking but go on a stroll. They invest their joyful energy around the bonfire dancing and enjoying. Thus balancing both the pleasure when it comes to travelling.

Exotic destinations: Dubai, Lisbon, Paris, Toronto.



Scorpios being the most separated amongst all the Zodiacs travel solo or with their partner. They can travel anytime irrespective of the climate and weather. To go on a vacation and cuddling their loved ones is all they want and make it happen.

Exotic destinations: Finland, Fiji, North Korea, Rhode Island.



Another traveller in the Fire Sign is the adventurous Sagittarius. They wait for the school vacations and leave from the office, only to pack their bags and go on a beautiful trip. They are more into learning and exploring new places. They make the most out of the trips.

Exotic destinations: Greece, New York, Hawaii.



These Zodiacs are exceptions when it comes to travel. They prefer comfortable destinations. One of the important parts of travelling has to be in a lot of shopping or buying historical arts and artefacts.

Exotic destinations: Paris, Los Angeles, New Zealand.



Aquarius may try to be manageable with the hills and trekking but in reality, they desire for a long body massage at an exotic spa on their vacation. They love to travel with leisure, without any hurdles. They travel with a company as they find it difficult to travel alone.

Exotic destinations: Europe, Singapore, South Asia.



Pisces would blindly choose forests and lakes when it comes to travel. They are the most affectionate Zodiac and try to soothe other living beings during their journey. They try to spend a lot of time with animals. They do not have any demands during travel. They love to enjoy the moment.

Exotic destinations: Philippines, Iceland, Croatia, Japan.

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