Traits of Zodiacs Who, Perform Best under Pressure and Zodiacs Who, Give Up Easily!

Traits of Zodiacs Who, Perform Best under Pressure and Zodiacs Who, Give Up Easily!

Some rocks turn into diamonds under stress and quite ironically diamonds can break with a little force. All you do and the way you react to the situation is how you make new scenarios in your life. Giving up is not bad either. Know the story of Icarus. Icarus is a Greek legend about a man who rose towards the sun with wings made of wax. The sun and wax didn’t go together (obviously!) and he ended up burning his back and subsequently dying just because he didn’t want to give up. He was death-clad and still not ready to give up!

So, the direction you take in life is all dependent if you work for it, or give up. Although both are right according to their might, the person in question has some inherent qualities from the stars being the guide and telling him or her for the decision. Sometimes the zodiac just likes to have some fun and keep you indecisive.

So, what does your zodiac do under pressure? Let's find out for each zodiac sign!


Aries are known to be leaders for a reason. They know how a situation can be and how to handle it. They rise like a phoenix with their hard work and dedication. They are known to take a breath, make a plan and work according to it even in the most stressful times.


Icarus must be born under this zodiac! Taurus is stubborn in every aspect of life. They see giving up as losing something. They keep trying with all they have and work like maniacs to achieve. You will not see them giving up on a puzzle just because they can’t solve it.


Gemini is often anxious beans. They overthink even the smallest situations that life throws in their way. They find it hard to sit and make a plan, just because their mind is running all over the place. They think about the scenario (often in a pessimistic way) rather than working on the task. They find it easy and more peaceful to give up than keep working on it.


Cancer hates running before the hours of the clock. They find it easy to work on jobs that do not have strict time-related deadlines. They are hardworking to the core but know when to give up. To cancers, the doubters fuel their energy. People say “You can’t do that!” Cancers say “watch me”.


Leo strives for validation more than any other sign. A Leo can be the most stressed-out person in all zodiac signs even with simple tasks. They often try their best to find the easy way out. It won’t be a surprising event if they give up their task.


They crumble like bread under stress. Virgo tries their best to be perfect and the perfection comes with a cost. They rather not do the task than do it imperfectly. They try to handle all the work by themselves, which is understandably stressful for them. Lo and behold, task forgotten and given up on.


They need a push or some motivating force to make them work. They are master procrastinators and find it hard to start a task in the first place. They give up on the task when it seems to be very difficult. They have enthusiasm, but no staying power.


They have the best work ethic in all the signs. They try their best with the task that could bring the good news in the future. They are high ambitions and can do anything to get their goals. They also come off as opportunist individuals, but that’s not true. They don’t give up easily in their professional lives.


The master planet of this zodiac is Jupiter, the planet of expansion. They do not see the world with a magnifying glass but try their best to focus on the bigger picture. They know what is important in their bigger plan, prioritize their tasks, and do not give up.


They are known to be workaholics. They know to let go of all distractions and work for their goals. They do not shy away from working hard. Some may call them maniacs, but Capricorn knows that success is the by-product of determination, hard work, and willpower. They never give up easily.


They can achieve anything they put their mind to. They are the rebels in all zodiac signs and do not set themselves to the traditional rules. Their madness strives them to work. They can get easily obsessed with their work. They believe to work in silence and let success make the noise.    


They live in dream world. They are wild in their heart and do not follow any plans. They don’t worry about the completion of life or any rat race to be the best. Perfection does not inspire them they are the masters of escapism; they would rather think about work than do it.


No matter if the signs believe in giving up or working for their goals, the important stand to take at the moment of decision is where the decision would take them. You don’t have to sing it right always, sometimes all that matters in life is the joy of making some noise.