Traits of the Wands in the Tarot Deck

Tarot cards speaks to us through deep intuition. We might find ourselves in a situation that makes us feel restless. We feel that everything is lunatic in front of our eyes. Everything makes us vulnerable. Tarot cards helps us to choose a path that ends up to a solution.

Tarot Deck comprises of four different suits or representatives:-

1. Cups

2. Swords

3. Pentacles

4. Wands.

Wands makes us travel through the experiences that we have gathered in our life. It reveals us the problems we go through and the inner demons that we are dealing with.

Pentacles gifts us evolvement in our finance or the economical segment through a situation in our life. It is related to the money and materialistic possessions that we have.

Cups expresses our emotions and sentiments that are dug within. They are cards of happiness.

Swords communicates with the thoughts that we relate or ideas that we think of or create to existence.

When the Wands comes up in through your reading, it indicates to form or put together to create something new. They are the reality check of our life. The most exquisite power of a Wand is that it presents a solution when everything seems wrong and dead.This also emphasizes the growth of passion. They generate creativity within all of us. Wands present them as an individual when it comes to the other suits. Each definite wands carry infinite meanings to a specific pattern of creativity.

Here is the meaning of each wand:

Two of the Wands: The card speaks to you that you can desire to make a choice at any situation and you will succeed in it. Your expert way of thinking and information makes you a level ahead of others. Make sure to keep your integrity strong.

Three of the Wands: This is a card that creates a vision of what might happen. You can process your future according to your own demand and it will manifest. You have to be certain and mindful. Your thoughts are the mirror to the reality. Be wise and meditate.

Four of the Wands: Relationships are going to build up with more of stability and calmness. The feelings will mingle with each other and carry on with great establishment. Good terms with your partner comes up to light when you see this card. Your stable relationship is in alignment.

Five of the Wands: This is the time to take an action to empower those hurdles and challenges that is obstructing you from moving forward. You have to be very focused in the middle of diversion and create a mind-set to prepare yourself for winning against it.  It card comes up to test your perseverance and the will power of not giving up no matter what.

Six of the Wands: This is a card that comes after winning through the obstacles. It is the time to celebrate for the triumph. This reminds me of the poem, “The Road not Taken”. When you walk along the road less travelled, you are in the path of success for real. This card tells you to accept your achievement with humbleness.

Seven of the Wands: This card suggest us to go within ourselves and find the goal. Communication with lesser people takes when this card appears. This is the time to defend your thoughts and behaviours towards yourself and others.

Eight of the Wands: This card comes to convey you to choose a direction when you have options. Gather every option around you and choose the one that leads you to happiness and achievement. Your decision will be your path. Make sure to choose a right one.

Nine of the Wands: This card pops out when you the being blocked out of something or someone. It is the sign to break free from anything that is pulling you down. It might be the thoughts from your past. Be calm and practise meditation to be in peace with the mind and let go of whatever isn’t serving you.

Ten of the Wands: This card shows up you tell that you are on a right path. Go along what your heart desires and do not be pulled back by what others thinks or says. You are taking a brilliant road to good times. Do not be afraid to keep high hopes in life and live up to your dreams.

Page of the Wands: This card comes to convey you that is the greatest decision or the idea that you have generated. You must be excited about it. This is the best time to earn what you deserve. It is the card of respect that you have gathered after committing yourself to a humble task.

Knight of the Wands: This card is one of the most exciting card. It comes up when you are perky and your heart feels young and full of joy. It is like a thunder stuck that makes you want to wake you and sing at midnight. It makes you feel like a start of something new and it feels so right at the end.

Queen of the Wands: This card appears to you when your presence nourishes the world. You tend to take care of other people and animals for your affectionate and empathetic nature. This would benefit them at the time of difficulties and you shine a light in their soul. You have a nurturing attitude of self-love that makes you a generous person from the soul.

King of the Wands: This card comes to you to describe you as a leader in the situation. You are influential and can derive solutions to each problems. Your masculine energy makes you stronger both mentally and physically. You are ready to anchor your ships and sail at the sea. You will take hold of the situation and turn it into a success.

Remember that time is fluid so it might happen today, tomorrow or in near future.

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