Traits of the Pentacles in the Tarot Deck

Traits of the Pentacles in the Tarot Deck

Tarot cards speak inform of our intuition. Sometimes we are so mentally disturbed that we do not come into terms with our own demons. Tarot cards express out thoughts and feelings.

There are four representatives or suits among the cards of the Tarot Deck:-

1. Pentacles

2. Wands

3. Cups 

4. Swords.

Pentacles present us with the situation evolving our career or the monetary segment of our life. It deals with the finance and everything materialistic that we possess.

Wands gifts us the experiences we go through in our life. The music we face and the obstacles we clear.

Cups are all about our inner feelings, desires, and stronghold of emotions.

Swords interacts with the level of communication that we interconnect or ideas that we generate or think of.

When we have the Pentacles in our reading, it conveys us about our luck with the money, materialistic possessions and the sketch of the career. It brings us to the understanding of reality to build something stable in our life. It is associated with long-term plans and a great future of leisure.

Here are what each of the individual Pentacles represent:

Two of the Pentacles: This card comes up as an indication to balance situations in life. You need to reflect your own thoughts and correct them to lead a stable and calm life. Be mindful of the situation and handle it with patience.

Three of the Pentacles: This card conveys us that you are to take up an important decision or work into action. Chances of challenges are high but you can only overcome them with hard work and dedication. Practise dedication and keep yourself motivated.

Four of the Pentacles: This card comes out to project your profound affinity towards something or someone. And because of your undivided attention, you are missing out the other opportunities that the Universe is presenting to you.

Five of the Pentacles: This cards jumps up to aware you to take prompt action. Five is always about change. Time is running but not over yet. Do not give up and act towards your goals. Or else you will lose a great gift. Universe provides gift and rewards to a very few and you are one of them.

Six of the Pentacles: This cards shows up to tell that you are always taken care of by the angels. But your determination is highly required to rise more in the work you have taken at hand. Adjust yourself accordingly to put everything in balance and then see the magic take place.

Seven of the Pentacles: This is a great sign that shows up when you are going through struggles and hardships mostly dealing with economy. This is a sign that good time is coming and the hardships are leaving your life soon. It is a slow process so you need to be extremely patient about it. Things are changing for good.

Eight of the Pentacles: This card represents the quote “What goes around, comes around”.  You will get back what you have given to life. It is time to get back to you. Keep your karma right and good things will flow in with happiness. When your deeds are good, the rewards have to be better.

Nine of the Pentacles: This card tells us to slow down if we are rushing for something. We need to hold back, sit for some time and evaluate before taking any decision.  You might be in solitude and searching a scope of spend your earnings. Save them for helping people in need instead.

Ten of the Pentacles: This is the card that says us to be happy as the good times are ringing at the door. And most prominently, when it comes to finance. It is the time for absolute celebration. You would be happy from inside to enjoy the moment of success with your loved ones.

Ace of the Pentacles: This card appears to convey a message of abundance and prosperity in your life. But do not give up everything or sacrifice to gain it. Be true to your integrity and prosperity will come knocking at your door. Nobody can take away what is truly yours.

Page of the Pentacles: This card shows your devotion in the indulgence of something you have been longing for from quite a sometime. It might be days, months and years. You will definitely take care of that thing but do not get carried away. As you have a life that has other beautiful things to explore too.

Knight of the Pentacles: This card appears when it comes to investing something to gain an appropriate finance and savings.  You need to take money very seriously and save every pound of it. If you playfully spend all your money, you are going to be in trouble in the near future. Save it and it might bring you profit out of an investment.

Queen of the Pentacles: This card comes up to convey that you have obtained a symmetry or a balance with your materialistic world. You are patient and have achieved it with great efforts. That definitely calls for a clap. Be proud of your accomplishment.

King of the Pentacles: This is the card of a boon in disguise when is appears in the reading. You have someone around you who will help you get out of the materialistic struggle by helping you. It can be anyone around you. Be mindful of what you desire. And your help will come up to you themselves. Be glad about it.  


Remember that time is fluid so it might happen today, tomorrow or in near future.