Traits Of The Cups In The Tarot Deck

Traits Of The Cups In The Tarot Deck

Intuitions are the spirits within that guides us to our own solutions.  Tarot cards are the door to the divine path. They are the invisible guidance from the Universe that makes us understand the difference between imagination and reality. The card pops out to signify the conversation with the higher invisible spirit and their blessings on us.

Tarot Deck is a build-out of four elements also called Suits:-

They are:

1. Cups

2. Pentacles

3. Wands

4. Swords.

Pentacles are also known as Discs. They represent health, physical properties, and wealth. It is associated with the season, Fall, or Autumn and its element is Earth. Their realm is Home.

Wands are also known as Rods. They represent the action, passion, and creativity. It is associated with the season, Spring, and its element is Fire. Their realm is Spirit.

Cups are also known as Chalices. They represent emotions, empathy, and love. It is associated with the season, Summer and its element are Water. Their realm is Heart.

Swords are also known as Blades. They represent the observation, thoughts, and challenges. It is associated with the season, Winter, and its element is Air. Their realm is Mind.

When the Cups appear in your reading, emotions, contentment, indefinite feelings are going to overflow. The feelings of happiness, luck and abundance is on its ways when the Cups come up to communicate with us through their perspectives.

It is the time to seek through our experiences and really feel others. Cups are the luckiest cards of the Tarot decks, they encourage us to keep on doing our good work and the best rewards are in the track for us. The messages are always revealed through the cards.

Each suit of Cups have a profound meaning holding on to them:-

Ace of the Cups: This card represents a big goblet or a cup saturated by blessings and miracles. They are overflowing showing that you have been showered with lots of happiness and good luck. It is an ointment for the mind, heart, and soul to regrow faith and aspirations for a bright future. Relax and enjoy your life when this comes.

Two of the Cups: This card is an epitome of a relationship. A relationship between two soul mates or twin flames. They always indicate a relationship full of romance and love. The strong bonding and the profound understanding is revealed through the card. Your dedication and focus should be in your relationship that will nourish it in the best way possible.

Three of the Cups: This card calls for an immense celebration. It comes up with a feeling of agreement, encouraging us to reach our goals. It also focuses on teamwork and building up a relationship with others holding together with peace. This card comes up to speak to us to embrace all that we have and make the best out of it.

Four of the Cups: This card appears in the reading when the mind is not in sync with the soul. When the heart feels frustrated, full of confusion and disappointment, the earnest feeling to change the situations comes from within. This card comes as a warning to open up the eyes and look at the opportunities that are been granted to you.

Five of the Cups: This card appears out of intense grief when our expectations are shattered and broken. You might see yourself in the boat of unhappiness and sadness. When you see this cup, make sure you keep your heart clean and forgive others and move on with peace and calmness. Do not lose hope and let fear overpower you.

Six of the Cups: This card represents an optimistic future, full of happiness and laughter. It conveys a message of innocence and a child, who is curious and willing to gain more knowledge. It tells you to be enthusiastic like a child who has no worries about life. It doesn’t matter how you lived the past but the future looks promising with the cups in hand.

Seven of the Cups: This card is all about what we think and what we imagine for an outcome. If we keep on thinking, assuming, and imagining and not doing anything about it then the outcome would be the same. Do not day-dream and focus on what the reality is showing you. This card informs to hold the magic and use it but does not forget to stand on the ground.

Eight of the Cups: This card comes up in the reading when you are going through or have been going through misbalance. You have been betrayed or stabbed by someone very close and the outcome is very painful due to that. This card tells you to move your energy away from sadness to find light. Do not let anyone pull you down. That proves their nature. You stay humble and do good deeds.

Nine of the Cups: This card conveys happiness and contentment. When this card comes up, make sure your wishes are going to be met. It is one of the optimistic card that brings joy along with it. Respect everyone around and be grateful for what you have. Till your wishes come true, in the meanwhile, focus on only thoughts that make you happy from inside.

Ten of the Cups: This card is the auspicious card of the Tarot deck. They represent every good thing that can place in our life. Family, love, good feeling, togetherness, stability, satisfaction, peace is attained when this card reaches out. Your actions towards yourself and others are been rewarded and you are at the right direction of growth and prosperity.

Page of the Cups: This card is all about being a creative individual with lots of imaginations like a youth. They are good with poems and highly emotional beings in the tarot. He is extremely delicate and must do some to build up a strong will power to reach their goals. This indicates a new beginning that has taken place in your life be it in work or relationships. We must have a clean heart and a pure mind because compassion wins it all.

Knight of the Cups: This card indicates the person who is very handsome and has a charm that pulls one like a magnet. He loves movement in his life and wants to shift his wishes to reality. This card tells us to maintain asymmetry between the reel and real life. It will present you with an inner satisfaction of wish fulfillment which is highly emotional.

Queen of the Cups: This card expresses a feminine soul that is full of emotions. It is quite sensitive and knows no bound when it comes to giving love to people. She can relate to the conditions at a higher level of understanding. This card conveys us to keep hope and trust in your intuition and be kind to others like a queen should be.

King of the Cups: This card says us to commit to our own strength and wisdom. He is very intense and doesn’t need to express himself. His persona says it all. He has reached the point of balance by immense hard work and dedication. This card commands us to choose our feelings above all and as we do that, fruitful results will be gifted to us eventually.

Remember that time is fluid so it might happen today, tomorrow, or in the near future.