Traits of a Taurus man

Traits of a Taurus man

In today’s world, it sometimes becomes quite difficult to understand the men out there in terms of what they feel, what they want to say, what they like, what they understand, etc especially when it comes to a Taurus man. Though many people find Taurus man a bit difficult and slow to handle they also can be fun-loving and passionate. let’s explore the traits of a Taurus man. 


Taurus is one of the most auspicious zodiac signs among all the twelve. It is a fixed air sign which is supposed to have a second house in the astrological birth chart according to the chronological numerology. The people having this zodiac sign are born between the 20th of April and the 20th of May.

This zodiac sign is represented by the symbol of a bull which represents the aggressive yet stable behavior of the people born during this sign. This sign is often referred to as the stubborn and aggressive sign among the all but there are many secrets hidden for this sign. The symbol of a bull also signifies the stability they will achieve in their life with the slow flow which they will follow.

These signs even have a romantic side but can tend to be exceptionally stubborn about their choices but at the same time will make great friends and will surely protect the one they love. The biggest disadvantage of Taurus is its stubbornness. As their only key to success is their will power, so they won't stop doing things until they achieve success in them.

Positive traits of a Taurus man:-

The biggest positive thing about a Taurus man is they know what they want because they don't care about what people will think. They are the go-getters. They are steady just like a bull to aim for something and achieve it even if it takes 100 years of hard work.

Though a Taurus man is often mistaken as an aggressive personality but in a gentle way as they do not want to hurt anyone around them yet they can’t repel their passive-aggressive nature.

Taurus people are the most social and popular among the other zodiac signs. These people have the magnetism that effortlessly attracts other people to their beautiful aura.

They can be the best advisers to others whenever people need them. Since the Taurus man has a slow and steady personality, they can analyze the situation in a positive as well as the negative manner to give the best advice.

The Taurus men are very loyal and will love their partner to their last breath as they say. They don't necessarily be friends with everyone out there but once they do find a perfect friend then they will never leave them alone.

They are very materialistic though they have a spiritual side. They have a sense of being in reality and achieving success.

Because they are ruled by the planet venus they do have a tendency to love finer things in their life even though they do not notice those traits.

Back in the days, the bulls were seen as the sign of fertility which signifies the most sensual behavior of a Taurus man. As once they find a partner with whom they can open up then they are very loving ones.

They are very practical and very good with money but there are many men who are more interested in the finer things of life than money.

They always want to stay steady and firm.

Negative traits of a Taurus man:-

One of the negative traits of the Taurus man is that they are too much conscious about someone's appearances. They may judge a book by its cover, though it is not true for all the Taurus man.

As they are very materialistic, it can be turned into a negative trait of the Taurus man. They are so fixated on things going on in the world even though they have dreams of a new and more innovative world.

Taurus men confuse the prices of things with their real value. It is not uncommon for them to give gifts and equate to the people they love which is why they often face problems in showing their real emotions to a person.

The Taurus men are all about if you scratch my back then I will scratch yours. In other words, the value of friendships turns around how useful those friendships are to them.

The Taurus men can often be the most unwanted ones when they are teased off their track so it is advisable to others to stay away from an angry Taurus.