Top web series that are a must have in your binge watching list

The digital platform has extended its boundaries on a vast scale ranging from mainstream theatre to short Broadway shows and so much more. Everything has got a new platform to reach and connect to the audience of a whole different level. Nowadays mainstream theatre is doing much better than it might do on the box office and people are so much at ease that they prefer watching it on an online platform rather than buying a whole ticket and going to the theatres. Now, obviously watching shows at the a screen of 70mm feels different but these days a new era of web series has been emerging and grabbing all the headlines as well as the attention to each and every soul who has access to any of the online portal through which they can stream the whole bunch of episodes and not even blink an eye.

Web series are serious of episodes revolving around a particular theme, a genre, and has a storyline which is enough to male their audience confide to their seats. These series of the episode is collectively called a show which is uploaded online through various popular portals like Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime who buys the rights of these shows and streams them online. The public that has access to such portals needs to buy a monthly or a yearly based subscription and they are good to go.

Here is a list of all the amazing thriller shows that are a must to have on your download list and they are enough for you to pull out an all-nighter and still wanting to watch an episode more

Dark (2017-2020)

A Netflix series, it’s a German-based science fiction which has a thriller touch to it. It revolves around the struggles of a child after he disappears which opens the possibilities and hidden ties between four estranged families and how they solve a suspicious time travel theory which is stretched out to several generations. Gripping and well written, dark receive huge attention all over the media for its story line and the constant open endings which were left to the viewer to contemplate and still giving away nothing to solidify their perception. It got many accolades for its intense background music, graphics, and the complex narrative.

With an IMDb rating of 8.8, this series comes under a must-watch.

Money heist (2017-2020)

La case de Papel “the house of paper”.

A Spanish originated heist based crime drama television is one of the most popular series all over the world. The series revolves around two fully prepared heists by a protagonist, the professor, one of the Royal Mint of Spain, and the other on the bank of Spain. The narratives received amazing reviews because it was told in a real-time like fashion and took instances from flashbacks it also includes time-jumps, character development, and the very interesting plot lines. The whole fan base is head over heels with the realistic approach and storytelling of this show, the music is a hit and the popularity knows no bound. Making it a perfect pick for your detective mind to binge-watch this entire series in one go.

Breathe into shadows (2020-Present)

The recent edition to a psychological thriller, this Indian show is available on amazon prime. It’s a story about a high-class family wherein the protagonist is a psychologist and works with the crime branch of the Delhi police. The following events in his life of his child getting kidnapped and the gruesome involvement of the kidnapper which unravels many connected mysteries linking with past instances with 10 unknown people. The question still remains, “who is behind all this?” as slowly things begin to pan out and the first season ends on a cliff hanger leaving many possible theories and endings of the show, this is surely a head-scratcher because the links and dots to this show are far from connecting and a lot is still under the sheets waiting to be out in the open someday.

Peaky blinders (2013-2019)

A British originated crime based drama is set in Birmingham, England which showcases the exploits of the Shelby crime family after they hit the First World War. The series stands on the foundation of crime, gangster origin where the family of specific gangsters takes on an ambitious project over arms and ammunitions and how the family expands to greater lengths while they maintain a stronghold in their native land. This series is a perfect match for those who love action, drama, and a period based series. It also won BAFTA TV awards for its outstanding plot and storyline and is still very popular among the youth these days.

Stranger things(2016-2020)

Adding to the list of science fiction drama, this series is a deal-breaker! Everything about this show exudes perfection in terms of thriller, science, and creativity, making it one of the most intriguing shows around. It revolves around a girl called eleven who escapes from a laboratory and has special kinds of powers to deal with demons around. A hint of parallel universe is shown here when a child called will Byers is abducted and the protagonist and her bunch friends go on a search for their friend who has been MIA for long. A threat to the family of the abducted still hovers around and even though the search is complete the influence of the demons still remains to be hindering the life and the functioning of the family and the people who were involved in the search call. This show makes you hit the next episode tab every time because of its intriguing and nail-biting plots, graphics and storyline, and continuous character development and the authenticity of this show. This science fiction is one of the best and should be followed thoroughly to actually get a hold of it.

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