We Indians have a deep-seated need for predictions before moving forward in life and living in a country like ours sure is a colorful experience, but it also acts as a blessing in disguise at times. Following the thought process of our forefathers and our ancestors, we often tend to proceed with the process of matching making through these predictable sources. Be it through kundali matching, astrology, or even tarot card reading for that matter. We have a need and urge to be sure about things beforehand, even though the current generation is not a fan of the future predictions as forced on us by our elderly, but still, this ritual is long prevailing in our country and deep down we people consider it fun and safe to predict certain things beforehand. 


So, we know hoe kundali matching works, but I’m sure that half of us do not have any idea about how the Tarot card readings work. I know I know that they are a little spooky to concentrate on, but trust m finding out about your future with a couple of cards is super cool and fun. So, let us give you a brief about how this art actually works. Tarot cards are generally found in the number of 78 to 22 major Arcana cards and 56 of the other Minor Arcana cards. The tarot card readers shuffle the decks thrice and they place them in different layouts out of which the Celtic cross layout and the horoscope layouts are the most popular ones. One needs to be specific about their query or question so as to get the appropriate answer, and based on that particular question and the cards presented they offer a suitable result. 


Now, as we know that, tarot card reading is some sort of an extremely powerful and energetic approach to reveal one’s future. The cards and symbols present while determining the future facts appear to be extremely, masculine, and phallic in nature. Not that the cards do not deal with the feminist side of the facts, but the symbols and the pictures tend to portray an image of the phallic structure. If one pays attention then you can realize the fact that in every image of the tarot deck there is a solid, long, and hard object held by the characters in the cards. As we know that, a Phallus represents male energy, power, fertility, and passion, likewise the symbols present in the major Arcana cards represent similar traits. 


Even though, living in a state of modernity where we tend to offer women an equal stage to share with that of the men, but still there are a few deep-rooted rather silly notions we have to follow. These symbols are like one of these silly notions as we have often seen, the presence of swords in the tarot deck. House of swords, the fifth of swords on. So, the sword as laid out in our earlier Hindu mythology represents the power of male supremacy and dominance. The symbol of swords is that of thought, rationality, and physical strength which, in turn, represents the stereotypical perspective of masculine traits. As in general, the swords also reflect the occurrence of a challenge or some kind of difficulty in one’s life, or that you may be on the edge of having an argument or heartbreak for that matter. 


The next noticed phallic symbol is that of wands. Even wands tend to represent passion, and action which, again, symbolizes male superiority as these traits are related to that of the male personality. It signifies, energy, determination, ambition, and intuition, basically follow the thought of inner power and energy which is in turn related to the male power and that is the reason this seems to be a phallic sign like the swords. But, apart from these silly assumptions, the wand symbolizes the element of fire and unpredictability in life and they address your week points like what makes your geo hurt and puts your self-respect on the edge. But all in all, even the symbolism of fire is related to that of masculine power. So this is what the phallic symbols of the two symbols are.