Top Authors to read during this lockdown

Top Authors to read during this lockdown

This unprecedented lockdown made us explore new things. And take our daily routine with pangs of boredom and loosely-tightened hope. However, the scenario gave rise to burden ourselves on how to maintain “perfect virtual entertainment”. While some people even went on unlocking their hidden talents, but some doubted themselves, whether they possess any creative skills to survive this long-lasting impression of idiosyncrasies.

During such trying times, reading a new book is all we need to beat the summer blues and keep all the stress at bay. Reading draws incredible imagination and keeps our empty minds occupied. American and British authors have always been entertaining their readers with their impressive knack for writing and instilling phenomenal imagination.

Here are some authors to explore during the lockdown:

Sidney Sheldon

World’s best selling author Sidney Sheldon who sold over million copies has been loved by everyone. Sidney is known for his chilling thrillers with unexpected twists and turns. The author is known for taking his readers into a roll of fright and what not. Though his books are gripping, it entails real-life feel. Sidney sketches fictional characters with extreme levels of refinement.

Italo Calvino

Journalist Italo Calvino is one of the most reputable Italian authors of all time. His work is based purely on the post-modernist Era. Italo's best books include The distance of the moon, invisible cities The if on a winter's night a traveler. The author is best known for his Cosmicomics of short stories.

Sylvia Platt

Sylvia Platt is the leading American best selling female author who has known to grabbed readers' attention with her life’s journal. One must grab their hands on her bestseller, The Bell Jar. It's so unfortunate how weirdly the world lost her to the battle of depression. Her unexpected death caused a lot of stir in the newspapers. With goggle-eyed headlines seeping out of prints.

Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist author Paulo Coelho has left hope for humanity among his readers. His writing style has been known to touch many lives. Though Paulo Coelho's life might interest you, there are a million reasons why you need to carry his carefully written books whenever you go, around the world.

George Orwell

A dystopian novel 1984 author, George Orwell is one of the highly-influential authors of all times, known for leaving footprints for future predictions of worldly affairs. Again, Orwell's gripping, next to reality will hold your mind tight to every word contained in his superficiality unexpected future wordings.

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is one of the most popular authors of all time. And has penned down historic romantic novels. Romeo and Juliet is the kind of love saga you need to read to keep yourself busy during this lockdown.

Jackie Collins 

Famous Hollywood actress and author Jackie Collins is the owner of several Hollywood based stories in the most entertaining fictitious form.

Haruki Murakami

World’s most revered Japanese author Haruki Murakami has been loved by bookworms and there is no doubt about the fact that his writings are more than just extraordinary. He is one of the most popular Japanese authors leaving huge impact on the youth.

Agatha Christie

If you spent your childhood reading, then Agatha Christie is the one you must have read with great enthusiasm. She is esteemed to be the world’s best fiction author to date. And if one is into solving mysteries, her books will add much amusement.

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew’s books are the most popular culture books you will come across. The detective on the front leading a crew of other detectives is where all the fun transpires in Nancy Drew’s mysterious fictional plots.

Dan Brown

For someone who worships crime fiction or conspiracy theories, Dan Brown is the best selling author in the genre where most tend to ignore. His fearless writing abilities gave a nod to the interest in readers.

Franz Kafka

Best selling German author Franz Kafka has shelled out some of the best fiction novels. His unrealistic sense of writing will breathe a different kind of fiction-ism out of you.

J. K Rowling

One who changed the world by her fictional strings and wizard tales made sure the world learned enough magic from her tunes, best selling series of previous generations, the current generation, millennials and the upcoming hood to come, long live Harry Potter!

James Joyce

Bestseller Irish author James Joyce has churned out some of the most classic masterworks of all time. He is regarded as one of the highly-influential modernist authors.  Ulysses and Dubliners are James Joyce's best pieces of work.

Jane Austen

Hight-influential British author Jane Austen had carved a niche for herself around the 18th century. Her novels have best-described women's dependence on various facets of the world. Pride and prejudice and sense and sensibilities are her most-read books of all time.

Vladimir Nabokov

Best selling author Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita happens to be his most well-read novels. It has said to have limping impacts on millions of book worms around the world. His ability to draw out characters is just beyond amazing and remarkable, untouched by anyone.

Arundhati Roy

Indian bestseller author Arundhati Roy has made everyone dance to her books, brought roller-coaster ride of emotions, made many cries, and brought back people to life. Roy's 'The God Of Small Things' will bring the chills down your spine. Her book has every feeling attached to it. From the minute you flip the first page, you are just taken by it, taken by all the words, the characters, the feelings.
The list of authors is bestsellers around the world. You can even read these authors online, download their pdfs, or grab an e-book available free. You can turn this lockdown into every day reading sessions and widen your imagination to the next level. Make sure, your mind is empty when you flip the first page of the book. You don't want to waste all your energies buying a best seller.