Today Rahu Kaal

Today Rahu Kaal

Has it ever happened to you that you were going to start something and your grandmom said, “Don’t start now, the muhrat is ashubh”? Well have you ever wondered why that is, what is this ashubh muhrat and how is it decided? It depends on Rahu.

As per astrologers, Rahu Kaal occurs 8 times during the day and is considered inauspicious; this is mainly because of its connection with unholy Rahu. The time periods when Rahu kaal occurs is calculated in the following way – the entire day’s time is calculated from sunrise to sunset and then it is divided by 8 to form segments.

As per astronomers, the different lunar arrangements mean that the propitious hours of a day won’t be falling at the same time every day. Rahu kaal (Raahukaala), Gulikakaala, Yamagandakaala (Yama Ghantam), and Vishaghati is the period of time that is deemed to very unlucky or unholy.

The planets are the Earth, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu as per astronomy. Rahu and Ketu are not celestial bodies but they are highly important points in the orbit of the Moon and are known as lunar nodes.

Rahu and Ketu are known as the northern node and southern node respectively. Ancient observers thought the majestic Rahu and Ketu had the power to block the sun, creating an eclipse in the sky. It is therefore deemed inappropriate to do any important thing during this time of the day.

Rahukaal's time span varies every day and has to be measured as per the time of sunrise and sunset. In the absence of exposure to correct Rahukaal the times below may be used. Such times are only valid if the daytime is 12 hours long and the sunrise is at 6.00 AM. Those hours need to be modified for longer or shorter days.

A mnemonic can be used to remember it - "Mother Saw Father Wearing The Turban Suddenly"

Mother = Monday (7.30-9.00)

Saw = Saturday (9.00-10.30)

Father = Friday (10.30-12.00)

Wearing = Wednesday (12.00-13.30)

The = Thursday (13.30-15.00)

Turban = Tuesday (15.00-16.30)

Suddenly = Sunday (16.30-18.00) 

Rahu Kaal is intended to have the greatest impact on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

As well as varying across diverse constituencies and distinct days, Rahu Kaal is even affected by distinctive movements that take place during the year. Often called inauspicious time intervals during a day along with Rahu Kaal, Yamaganda Kaal, and Vishaghati. Let’s see what are the timings for Rahu Kaal in some of the major cities

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BANGALORE     10:54 AM – 12:24 PM

HYDERABAD     10:50 AM – 12:21 PM

CHENNAI  10:43 AM – 12:14 PM

TRIVANDRUM   10:57 AM – 12:27 PM

MUMBAI    11:13 AM – 12:44 PM

UJJAIN      11:01 AM – 12:32 PM

AHMEDABAD    11:13 AM – 12:45 PM

NEW DELHI       10:55 AM – 12:26 PM

KOLKATA 10:10 AM – 11:41 AM

LUCKNOW         10:40 AM – 12:11 PM

To alleviate Rahu Kaal's effects one may practice Rahu-related Puja or Yajna. You can even wear Hessonite, which is called Rahu's Gemstone, or other gemstones (which, according to your birth chart, would be given to you), and you can even worship Rahu Yantra, though it may be time consuming and will require effort.

To avoid the bad effects of Rahu Kaal, it is best to put a tilak of saffron every day. Adding gold to your everyday outfit will also be beneficial. Dogs are the best pet to keep to avoid Rahu Kaal. Don’t strain your affairs with your in-laws. It is advised to eat only vegetarian food on Saturday. Praying to Lord Shiva also proves to be very beneficial. Visiting temples and offering prayers also proves to be really helpful in this period.

As per the saints and sages, it is beneficial to place a silver elephant in a tub which is made of silver and filled with water. To get the maximum benefit from holy Rahu, you should eat your meals in the kitchen.

It is advised to remain soft-spoken and look up to your mother. Offer your prayers to Lord Shiva; this will help reduce the bad effects of Rahu Kaal. Keeping a fast on Saturdays can prove very beneficial, also it is best if you avoid salt in any form during this fast.

You should show consideration for all people irrespective of their caste and never use ill words for them. Another easy way to reduce the bad effects of Rahu Kaal is to take care of and respect your grandparents. Making them happy will bring in positive vibes.

As per the advice of renowned astrologers, you should wear hessonite which is a form of gemstone because it is believed that gemstones can prove to be very helpful in eliminating the effects of Rahu Kaal.

Wearing silver is emphatically prescribed. Dropping 400gms of coriander in streaming water may cause some alleviation from its unsafe impacts. Dropping 400gms of almonds in streaming water can likewise demonstrate helpfully.

It will be very fruitful for the entire house if all the meals of the day are made in the kitchen. To have a peaceful sleep, you can put a mixture of Sauf also known as anise and sugar.

Apart from the solutions provided, a person can pronounce the Rahu Shanti Mantra and get someone to carry out the Rahu Shanti Puja or even get some Yantras imprinted on something made of copper. If a person follows these solutions, it will definitely reduce the bad effects and get most out of the positive effects.