Everybody wishes to have a stable relationship. Most of the time relationships start with amazing dates, immature and playful texts, extensive talking at odd hours and many such instances.  In the process of all these instances, you forget to notice the real and fake gestures. The relationship is toxic if you always have to watch yourself as well as your words around your partner. It might take some serious observations in order to come to a conclusion on whether your partner is toxic or not. In order to hide their toxic nature, they might try to manipulate you, make you feel awful around them and use you. You should stay away from such negative relationships and fake love and try to seek for real and meaningful relationships. Here are some points on how to recognize toxic behaviour and try to use it in a positive manner in order to search pure love:

Manipulative Behavior:

If your partner is trying to control you and puts many restrictions on you then he/she does not want to watch you grow. They use such behaviour in order to use you. If you wish to hang out with your friends and if your partner does not like it then they might use this manipulative behaviour by forbidding you from going out. If they try to make you stay home or give any other reason like complimenting you which you might find adorable but the actual thought behind that comment is their manipulative behaviour. Getting out of such a relationship is a must. Instead, look for someone who will encourage your thoughts and choices and will stay with you no matter what.

Won’t do what you want to do:

There might be scenarios where it is always you who is giving in because your partner never owns up to their actions. They just won’t do what you ask of them because they only expect from you. Such relationships should not be encouraged as it will lead to your destruction and will make you a person who is not opinionated and doesn't have the right to make choices or speak up. Finding a person who will respect your choices and is willing to work towards a healthy relationship should be your goal. A relationship works best when both the partners take decisions in unison.

Hurtful Speech:

There are quarrels and misunderstandings in every relationship. The key is to deal with such issues in a matured manner. If in an argument your partner tries to play the victim card, play blame games and tries to make you feel guilty then he/she might not want to budge in. They might feel that by agreeing with your thoughts it might make them a small person which is a scar to their ego. Such controlling behaviour might hamper your self-esteem. You should look for a partner who will be truly committed to you not just in your present but also in your future. Such partners won’t try to hurt your feelings with blunt and thoughtless words. Instead, they will always keep working in order to keep the relationship positive and successful.

Jealousy and Gaslighting:

Being a little possessive and showing jealousy in moderation and in an appropriate manner is sweet but when it becomes a little too much that makes you feel suffocated then it is a sign that the relationship is getting toxic. Gaslighting is done by toxic partners when they want to try to control or manipulate you. This term can be referred to as a severe kind of psychological manipulation and might eventually lead to loss of sanity or it might harm mental health. Relationships are longer and healthier if there is a strong sense of trust between the partners. Such strong trust can be achieved by indulging into activities that will strengthen your bond. The more quality time you spend with your partner the more you will know about them. Knowing their likes and dislikes helps a lot in having a healthy conversation as well as relationship. Any kind of misunderstandings should be cleared with honest and open communication. By following all these points, you will be able to have a relationship full of respect, empathy, encouragement, good communication and a genuine commitment.