At some point in your life, you might have tried to dominate your thoughts and control it. The thoughts particularly being negative. You might have tried to read intellectual and self-help books which preach you to be positive and turn a blind eye towards negativity. You might have tried this several times only to find yourself back at the same point. Another way to train your mind and allow it to skillfully deal with scenarios is by following the given steps-

First Listen then Acknowledge:

Listening is not just blindly listening with a fussy attitude but understanding the depth in the statement and the true meaning behind it. Once you have understood after listening, you should acknowledge it so as to show that you have taken the message seriously. Like people relax and let go when they feel the opposite person has listened to them and understood what they wanted to express, mind to behaves in the same manner. You should keep encouraging your mind about carrying your surrounded people’s thoughts. Encourage it by feeling positive, this is like a fuel to the mind.

Maintain Peaceful Balance:

Many times you tend to dislike the way the mind conducts itself and does its work. It is your mind hence; you can't be irritated by it for following a pattern because that is how it adjusts to you. This point can be explained with a very apt example. Two old enemies might dislike each other but no matter what they are stuck with each other. If not handled properly it might cause a large amount of loss and energy. Especially the energy required to focus on the happiness and health and also the upliftment of your society.

Know that your Thoughts are just Thoughts:

Sometimes you might try to treat your mind like a person but it is important to remember that our thoughts are just mental events that pass through our mind. You should not try to see your mind. You tend to do this because your mind and you are fused and stuck together. So, try to be as free as possible with yourself and accept what your mind thinks about, as everything has a positive and negative side to it.

Observation of Mind:

Spend time to know about your mind in-depth and analyze it properly. Your mind can wander to places and hence ruin you’re your peace. Try to keep a check on it and stay in the present. Mindfulness can help your mind concentrate properly and also help your thoughts stay in one place. Try to focus on your everyday chores. Remember it is you who has to control your mind and not the other way around. You need to work in an interdependent alliance with your mind to remain happy and satisfied in life.


Prepare the mind to rewire the brain:

You will turn out to be what you think about. There is a deep connection between your ideas and your actions. You tend to become or do exactly what you have been thinking about for a long time. Try not to adopt the autopilot mode in order to drive your life. This will just not be good for you as well as the people around you. Focus your life on the more positive aspects of life and ignore the negativity of the past. With time and effort, you will be able to control your mind just the way you want to.

Self-Compassion should be practised:

We definitely cannot change the reactions or feelings that are produced by our mind. However, we can very well control our reactions to all these feelings. You should not hide even the saddest of the emotions. Cut yourself some slack and practice self-compassion. Never judge yourself or your feelings. Your emotions are what makes you unique. Accept them and reach for support when you need it. Don’t criticize yourself, rather understand yourself and show compassion towards yourself. Know your self-worth. If you connect and follow all these things in your everyday life, chances are that you will soon become the boss of your own mind. Rule it and excel in your life.