Time for Self Introspection Through Numerology- Birth Month Number/Lesson Number

Time for Self Introspection Through Numerology- Birth Month Number/Lesson Number

Our birth date and the numeric values attached to the same tend to helps us in figuring out the various personality traits that we inherit. But apart from your date of birth, have you ever given a thought about your birth month number? Well, if not then its time for you to go under some self-introspection with your birth number or shall we say lesson number.

There are moments in your life when you tend to detect some patterns of your mistakes and all you do is question yourself that what is happening to me?, so now is the time to identify your lesson number and gain some specific teachings through the numeric values of your month.

Have a look at what does your birth month number says about your personality.

January- Number 1

Speaking of the birth month number or shall we say the lesson number, the number one as the numeric value suggests highlights the independent and self-sufficient traits in a person. Moreover, speaking of this month and the numeric value affixed to the same gives us a hint about the fact that, you might be a little self-centered (no offense, though). Wanting to stay alone and spend some time with their awesome self is what they may aim at.

February- Number 2

Here comes the second one, the people born in February are the rightful owners of the number two. And as per their numeric value, they like to be monogamous in terms of their relationships, and itll be a dumb move to expect them to have a positive mindset because they are a little too extra on negativity.

March- Number 3/December- Number 3

You dont want to poke the people born in the month of March and December because once you do then you will probably witness a moody characteristic of these people. Their numeric value 3, tends to depict that they are very happy-go-lucky personalities in general, and all they want is to have fun, and they also might go a little overboard with the fun quotient.

April- Number 4

you can smell structure and balance from a faraway distance when it comes to the people born in April with the number 4 as their session number. Being organized and planned is their go-to trait, and yes, you can claim then to be prey to having obsessive-compulsive disorder. And youre judgemental at times, just keep a check on that rest everything else is sorted.

May- Number 5

You will find these May borns either on their couch being all lazy and lethargic or youll find them working towards their perfect routine (there is no in-between, so dont even try to find it). People associate with the number five will probably never have an issue regarding confidence as they will perfectly shine under the spotlight.

June- Number 6

Now, what can one say about these emo-souls, June borns are natural healers and theyre self-sufficient, so they need to learn to keep their energies intact to themselves They keep their families and their homes right in their hearts, furthermore, appreciating beautiful little things in life is what keeps them alive. Just work towards realizing your worth and the rest will fall right into place.

July- Number 7

Here comes the Brainiac! Number seven highlights the talent of being introvert yet extrovert depending on the demand of the situation. June borns are blessed with the logical intellect through which they understand the world with a step-by-step procedure. Lastly, theyre challenging in terms of their communication, so beware!

August- Number 8

Well, here come the all-rounders to knock on our doors. August-born people and the ones associated with number eight are natural healers, authoritative, and extremists. From being powerful in terms of their finical status to their communicative streak theyve got it all. their energies might go a little overboard at times, but then again they know how to get back on track.

September- Number 9

September borns are rooted to the ground, they notice tiny little things in life, and they are highly intuitive in certain situations. The problem is that they start a task with full force, but finishing it might be a little hard for them. So, focusing on completion is what they should aim for.

October- Number 10

The October borns are probably identical to that of the January borns. And this is because of the similarity in their numeric values. These people are high on their leadership dose, if they are in it then they will definitely win it!. This competitive streak of theirs is what makes their radiant personalities.

November- Number 11

Again, let us go back to the February borns because their traits match the ones belonging to the numeric value of two. Apart from being monogamous in their relationships, they are also very likely to be an extremist in terms of their love for god.