Thinking of Switches to Non Alcoholic Perfumes? Here are The benefits of Non-alcoholic perfume

Thinking of Switches to Non Alcoholic Perfumes? Here are The benefits of Non-alcoholic perfume



All of us enjoy having perfumes with a good fragrance, but did you know the alcohol content in a perfume can be as high as 90%! Well, there is an alternative to this; non–alcoholic perfumes have become really famous in recent years.



The real word perfume is a Latin word per fumus, meaning' by smoke.' The Romans later went on to describe perfumes even more while the Persians and Arabs were also allies in the same. Today perfumes are used all over the world in various cultures. Western society uses it in its own way while the eastern side has a collection of fragrances of its own.



So how are Non–Alcoholic perfumes different from alcoholic perfumes? The primary essential component of perfumes is the concentration of oil it is made with. This is also what separates the non-alcoholic scent from a typical alcoholic. This concentration of oil should be increasingly important to have a successful perfume. Most perfumes of good and high quality produce 15 to 30 percent perfume oil. Alcohol is combined with that scent to intensify the fragrance. In those perfumes which have a small quantity of perfume oil, there are larger concentrations of alcohol. But then, these alcoholic perfumes can have several issues like they stay on for only 3-4 hours on average, their fragrance can be harsh, overpowering with a short shelf life because the alcohol evaporates. Using alcohol-based perfumes can also cause allergic reactions as they are packed with fillers, it is highly flammable and dries out the natural oil of the skin. So this is where the benefits of alcoholic perfumes come into play.



Using Non–Alcoholic perfumes has several benefits like perfumes derived from oils tend to have a natural scent in contrast with substitutes dependent on alcohol. In fact, these scents have a very discernible and pure aroma and they are never overpowering. Oil-based scents appear to last longer on your skin compared to those flavored with alcohol because alcohol appears to evaporate very quickly. Such perfumes smell very good when you supply them first but because of evaporation, the fragrance goes away very quickly. If you don't get enough chances to use your scent then using an oil-based fragrance makes a lot of sense. If you use an oil-based fragrance then it's going to be very mild which means that a person who has a sensitive nose has very little risk of offending the nasal membranes. It also means you're not going to have to worry about your scent coming into a room long before you do. Most individuals on their skin are allergic to alcohol, and therefore cannot use perfumes containing this ingredient. Alcohol is also known to dry out the skin and should be avoided if the air is hot and dry. An interesting fact about alcoholic perfumes is that fragrances dependent on alcohol are very costly even if they are manufactured in bulk. Most of this industry's biggest names use alcohol, and their products are very high priced. In comparison, natural perfumes are very inexpensive.



Another one of the advantages of non-alcoholic perfume wearing are changing moods. The drug scent helps to lift the spirit. You can also wear perfume to help express it, representing the mood. Whether you sound adventurous, mischievous, shy or even relaxed, perfumes for different moods deliver several different kinds of smells. Choose and wear perfume as you like, so you can get in the right mood. Just like a pretty dress, a decent perfume will improve confidence and make sure you get through the day without feeling your body odor conscious. A splash of the scent will work wonders for your character. Choose a perfume that suits your temperament and can raise your confidence to fight against all odds. Sense of smell is one of the five senses most significant. Occasionally, because of the way they look, you can just get drawn to someone. Perfumes are rich in pheromones and appealing to you. Some perfumes also function as a natural aphrodisiac. There are certain types of perfumes that contain pheromones that have aphrodisiac effects.



Someone appears to equate individuals with different fragrances. Most women wearing the signature scent of their mother do so to restore memories. Try any time you travel and wear them, and buy new perfumes. Perfume has many calming and healing effects. Perfumes of citrus fruits, floral and winter spices help to calm the mind and soothe the body. Such perfumes make sure you are in control of your stress levels. Another of the therapeutic effects of the perfume is that it makes you get better night sleep. Perfumes that contain essential oils can help you to relax at night, and to sleep in peace. Wearing non-alcoholic perfumes help cure headaches as well.



Some of the major players in the Non-alcoholic perfume industry in India are – Al-Rehab, Ganesha’s Garden, Tsi-La, Al- Haramain, Christy Organics and many such more.