Geminis are people who are extremely attractive by nature and what I mean by that is that they have a certain aura to themselves which naturally draws the person in and makes them comfortable. They are charming individuals who can talk a lot and when they talk it us not mindless blabber but intelligent thoughts and arguments which attracts many people because that is one trait that many people do not have. They are also very intelligent and seek out people who can match their level of intelligence. With them, there are no awkward silences and they instinctively put you at ease. So, what are the things you should know before you hook up with a Gemini?

Geminis are people who love oral sex.

They belong to the air sign and are ruled by the planet Mercury which means that they have the best of both the world. They are open to new ideas and imaginative positions and love trying something new in bed. They love giving pleasure and receiving pleasure as well, quite a bit of emphasis on receiving pleasure because if they do not get any back they will definitely not give you anything  to work with.

For Geminis, foreplay is the battle of minds.

They are individuals who are extremely intelligent and when it comes to foreplay, they get turned on right when they are arguing with their partner. They are sapiosexuals and love debating with their partner. It is a form of foreplay for them because there is no other battle than the battle of minds that gets them turned on and hot. Also, they love it when their partner for they can get creative with the foreplay and are imaginative and funky when it comes to sex.

The naughtier the sex is, the more the Gemini enjoys it.

Literally, nothing is off the table. They are individuals who love to be loved and love testing their limits. Do not be too surprised or run away if they whip out toys and handcuffs. For them, it is all about the fun of the whole experience and the pleasure that comes out of it.

Geminis do not make love or have serious relationships.

They are people who find it hard to commit and tend to be very wary of relationships. They often feel as though they are restricted in a relationship and would prefer if they were not in one. They are all in for a tumble in the hay and no strings attached sex. People find it hard to believe that they do not like to be pinned down but the only time they prefer they are pinned down is in bed and not in life.

Geminis have a high sex drive.

Round one does not satisfy them and if you are someone who cannot keep  up with people who have voracious appetites, then it would be wise and for your own safety that you do not hook up with a Gemini because they have a high sex drive and that means that they would like to go multiple rounds until they are actually sated.

Geminis love experimenting when it comes to locations and love the thrill of the whole situation. They are people who can get on anywhere and love the spontaneity and impulsiveness of the whole situation. They cannot do scheduled and boring sex, or the slow and mundane sex, they need to feel the thrill and adrenaline coursing through them, for them it just makes the hook up so much more interesting and fun. They are people who live in the moment and think about tomorrow, well tomorrow. They do not have back up plans and love living their life on the edge.

So, if you are the kind of person who is into making love, or the boring old sec or is even uptight and find it tough to let yourself loose and free, do not hook up with a Gemini because that the experience will either scare you, shock you or traumatised you and that is definitely not what you will be looking for or want to associate or be reminded of sex in that way.